Wednesday, September 07, 2011

No more drama, please.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But I figured y'all needed something to look at since I haven't posted a picture in forever.
I don't really want this to become a "poor me" post. But I'm afraid it will probably come off that way.
You know those "friends" you have on facebook? The ones who maybe aren't really your friends or a friend you haven't seen since high school anyway? You know, the ones who seem to always have something wrong happening? Some horrible drama? You know the ones. The ones who seem to get off on the drama and enjoy the attention it gets them for posting their crap on facebook?
I get really annoyed with those friends.
But you know what? I sort of feel like I am that girl lately.  Only I don't like the drama. I don't like it one bit. And I don't get off on getting attention because of said drama. I'm only writing this, not for sympathy, not for attention, but only for pure venting purposes. Because, I'm totally sick of it.  I just can not take anymore drama.
Lets see here's some things that have gone down in the past year.

* My dog died
* My dad got sick
* various family dramas because of it
* My gallbladder starts going bad
* Dad in the hospital multiple times
* Dad passes away
* More family drama
* My house sells, yet they won't turn off the water because the bank hasn't recorded the new owners name yet. So I keep getting charged for water and garbage.
* various other instances dealing with my old house.
* I have surgery to remove my gallbladder.

Here's what's happened just in the last few weeks/ 24 hours:
* 2 church members pass away on the same day (our church is small, so this is kinda a big deal)
* our pastor is in poor health and it's sad, but we're pretty sure it could be any day now for him too.
* we've had 3 mice in the house. All dead now, thank goodness. But I've since been cleaning like crazy. There is not enough bleach in the world to disinfect after mouse droppings, in my opinion.
* I can't really write about it on the internet since it's not completely resolved yet, but some lady is trying to say we did something when we didn't do. Or well, trying to blame us for something that was her fault. I don't see anything really coming of this, but STILL. It's just one more thing.
* One of my incisions from my surgery (after more than a month) has all of a sudden started "leaking". Yeah. Not blood or anything, but clear fluid, and it's red and irritated and kinda hurts if anything touches it. So that can't be good.
* My computer is on the fritz. It's 5 years old, Dell won't warranty it anymore and it's moving slow and crashes at least once a day. I have a laptop, and it works fine and we can make due, but with the kids homeschooling and Jake being required to be on the computer for a class 30 minutes a day, we really do need 2.
* THEN TODAY all of a sudden, my freezer quits freezing. I've turned it all the way up and it's still leaking water all over my kitchen floor. The ice cream is melted and veggies unfrozen. Luckily the meat seems to be holding up ok. We bought this fridge about 9 years ago when we bought our first house. Nine years isn't old in refrigerator years, is it? They're not like dogs, are they?

Anyway, I realize in the scheme of things, 90% of what I just wrote isn't any big deal. It's just life stuff. We all go through it. I totally get that. Again, I'm not looking for sympathy. I just needed to get it off my chest.
I'm just....*ugh*.... warn out I guess.
I'm just ready for some normal days.

And right after I wrote that....a GIANT spider jumped out of my printer onto my desk and across my keyboard!  (*&$(@)(&*%)(*&^!  I freaking HATE spiders!!
Someone give me a break! :-P


CAmport said...

I totally, TOTALLY get it. Nobody had died recently & I haven't had surgery, but the other daily stuff...I have those friends on fb, too. I was actually thinking of cleaning up my friend list to only real friends that I actually stay in contact with.

Heres to a better, drama free week!!

Jude said...

hang in there friend, that IS alot to deal with. i think the freezer thing would make me nuts, and I bet it is the compressor, which they will tell you costs almost as much as a new fridge to fix. That happened with our chest freezer, just shy of it going out of warranty... PHEW!

Hope today is a better day!

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh crap now I feel like a total B*TCH commenting on your fb status "Sounds like fridge shoppping"....with all that you've listed who the heck wants to go fridge shopping!! Sorry :(

I just want to remind you that you are totally entitled to having a pity know that right? You should get yourself a bottle of wine and make it a real pity party...all that you've been through you deserve it and I know you'd feel better once that bottle was empty! LOL (I'm just joking I'm not trying to make you an alcoholic on top of everything else, hopefully just making your smile at least one smile).

We did have issues with our freezer though and between googling to see if others had the same problem with the same make and model and advice from my Uncle we were able to fix it...and it's hung on ever since....

They say when it rains it pours...but I swear I see sunshine in your future...hang in there.

Melissa said...

I totally get what you mean...
I plan on doing a huge overhaul of FB friends this weekend. Why do I need so many when I don't even communicate with them on a regular basis?

Plus, I don't need the drama...

Things will get better. i always tell myself to try and find the positive in each day, even though some days it's just as simple as, I'm Alive.....

Hang in there...

Kelly DaCosta said...

I feel ya!! Life really sucks sometimes. I guess the only thing we can do is realize that this will pass and happy times are in the near future. I have learned one important thing - it can always be worst. We just learned that Hayden's close friend was diagnosed with Leukemia. He is only 8 years old and I cry every time I think of him. This has been slowly eating at our family. It is hard watching your son feel so much pain. I realize that the most important thing to me is that my boys are healthy. Hang in there!! I will pray that this storm will pass.