Tuesday, September 06, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Oakland + September = my favorite. If it would only stay like this all year.
2. I desperately need a new computer. My next one will most certainly be a Mac.
3. Crockpots may be one of the 20th century's greatest inventions. Especially for busy moms. One of our favorite recipes: chicken + BBQ sauce + pineapple. Hawaiian pulled chicken. Sooo good.
4. Photo shoots are fun but I think they take a lot out of me. I didn't have a desire to take a pic for a week.
5. I'm completely sold on local + organic food. I have been for a while but recently since I found a great farmers market, I've been buying ALL my produce there or getting it from my own garden. Besides the obvious health reasons... It just TASTES so much better. I'm excited to continue this into the fall and winter and see if I can make it eating 'in season' produce only.
6. School has been much much better. I've got some things ironed out and we're going much smoother.
7. Today we finished school around 1. So much better than 3.
8. Girls are so much easier to teach. And they just inherently have better handwriting.
9. Got my first pair of TOMS. I was sure Pete would say they were ugly. But he actually likes them. I see more in my future. They are comfy.
10. Thinking of starting a winter garden. Have you ever done one? What grows in winter?

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Jude said...

1. yep, I ♥ fall!
2.me too.
3.how much pineapple? the chunks? We do the bbq sauce, but never thought of adding pineapple!
4. totally agree!
5. lucky girl!
6. yeah!!
7. what time do you start?
8. i wonder why that is??
9. jealous
10. never done one, but a fall garden here includes peas, broccoli, greens... anything you can plant in the early spring!

Brown English Muffin said...

1. I haven't been to Cali in years...wow
2. I told my dh if i came home with anything but a Mac I'd change the locks..
3. You know a woman totally invented the crock pot right
4. I can't even imagine
5. ME TOO!!! We went to the city last Saturday and spent the entire day at the Greenmarket so much fun!
6. Yay
7. Yay again
8. I've heard this over and over again and it makes me wonder why men make more money than women....I bet you more woman have won BB then men! LOL
9. I loved them, but then again I'm not Pete! LMAO
10. I never even thought about this...hmm off to go google!!!

nicole said...

ok..only a few days behind... my kids are entranced by a movie and I'm sick of sample work so here i am :)

1. even though i have been to ca over a dozen times i don't think i have ever been there in sept. enjoy it!
2. we got new laptops last year. i'm actually really happy with them...toshiba and only $400!
3. that sounds awesome!! too bad i'm the only one in my family that will do cooked pineapple.
4. totally agreed.
5. i wish we had more here...obviously ours are really seasonal!
6. glad things are getting into a groove.
7. that is awesome!
8. agreed on the handwriting but i have to say homework is way easier to handle with jack than with lauren...she is so easily distracted!
9. LOVE. what color did you get?
10. do icicles count? :)