Tuesday, May 03, 2011

10 for Tuesday

1. I'm pretty choosey with my friends. I think I pick good ones and we have friendships that last forever no matter what. Above is me and my bestest friend, Kari. We've known each other since we were 2 and 3. She and her whole family (who I've also known forever) came to my dad's service on Saturday. They're like a 2nd family to me. I love them.
2. I don't have to cook dinner at all this week! So far we've had 3 friends bring us entire meals this week. Like I'm talking main dish, salad, side dish (or 2) AND dessert. Seriously?! Goodness we are so blessed. I have enough for each dinner they brought and left overs another night.
3. Some people never change. They may hide their true colors for a while, but sooner or later that rotten egg smell comes back around. I'm just lucky that most people in my life are NOT like this. don't worry, I'm not talking about anyone who reads this :)
4. I found this really cool picture of my dad and my grandma. I know he's my dad and all...but hot dang! What a cutie! I'm bummed the photo is so damaged.
5. also going through my grandpa's things I found military manuals from the 40's with titles such as : I'm a Doughboy (infantry training guide) Korea a brief history and cultural lesson on Korea and her people. One of the first lines says since we are going to see a great deal of her people, we should know something about the events in their lives. I don't know why I find that so funny. I just do. The last one is titled: Going Back to Civilian Life it actually has some good information in it. I just find it humorous that there is a written guide for it.
6. I finally understand the obsession with Pinterest.
7. I'm back into my nail polish craze. I go through phases of no polish then changing it every other day. My newest favorite is called "Big Spender" from Essie. It's kind of a fuchsia color. But it's the name that gets me.
8. I'll take another 100 days exactly like Sunday. Sunday was the perfect weather. But actually I think tomorrow might even be better. (Monday and Tuesday were not bad either)
9. has anyone ever tried out Ancestry.com? I recently was reconnected with a long-lost relative who found us through that website. I'm thinking of getting a months membership just to see...there's so much about my heritage that I know nothing about. I'm so curious now.
10. I think it's time for dessert....I have so much to choose from. Will it be cream puffs or this yummy strawberry stuff that I don't know what it's called or fresh chocolate chip cookies? hmmm...choices, choices..


CAmport said...

1. I'm so glad you have her and I can't wait to meet her in person. :)
2. That is AWESOME.
3. :/
4. Very cool. Wonder if you can take it someplace and have it fixed?
5. How funny. I bet they weren't nearly as PC back then. The manuals Sean has now are ridiculous.
6. I still don't. I haven't tried to understand though.
7. Now I want to go for a manicure.
8. Our weather has been nuts. It was in the 90s all weekend, then 60 yesterday. Had to pull out winter clothes!
9. Never tried it, go for it!
10. I'd go for D)all of the above.

Brown English Muffin said...

1. It's so true, people don't realize that's a big difference between a friend and an acquaintance, most people are the latter.
2. God is good!
3. I try to find the good in everything and I'd be happy that they finally showed their colors. Can you imagine living with them for years and never knowing!!!
4. Would you try and get it restored perhaps?
5. The most interesting part is the realization that getting to know "something about their lives" is actually important.
6. Exhale!!! That's what I did...I hope this site stays around though, I've literally thrown away my canvas book with all it's clippings and opted for this instead.
7. Never been big on nail polish, maybe one day, when I'm rich and famous! LOL
8. I'm still waiting for consistency here.
9. I was seriously thinking about it when I read that if most of your ancestors are foreign it will only tell you when they arrived in the U.S. and that's it. :0(
10. We had cream puffs are my little ones birthday party and hardly anyone knew what they were, and didn't like them, I felt like such a snob that day!!! LOL

nicole said...

1. besties are the best. so happy she was there for you last week!
2. that is awesome!!
3. so with you on this one.
4. what an awesome photo!
5. how fun. although i see way to much of that kind of stuff around here! military history is jeff's project life :)
6. i know right!!! and now an app!!!
7. i so wish i could wear it - i paint and then pick it all off :(
8. :)

9. i used it a bit through jeff's cousin who had signed up. i thought it was very interesting but didn't spend enough time on it to really figure it all out. and my other question is do you have to pay the annual fee every year to save the information you find?
if you find more out about it please share.

10. yummy!

Jude said...

wow, this is a good list.
So glad you have friends there to comfort you, and feed you! (wish i could too!!)
haha, see... the pin is addicting! so addicting!
i am scared to go on ancestry sites... some things you may not want to know! ;) Plus, if all my family is from germany prior to wwi, would they even have the info. my friend sarah and I had a lengthy discussion on this just yesterday.

i never wear nail polish. one load of dishes and its gone.