Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy day project

Well, i think I'm over my January blues. At least for now...the sun came out for one day last week and that made me feel better.
Now we're in for 'Storm Watch: Twenty Ten'. You know they always make such a big deal out of it when it rains here. As if it never does or something. Anyway, it's supposed to rain like heck for the next week/maybe two.
This morning we all went out to the Walmart. Why is it I always spend WAY more money when Pete comes with me? Anyway... It was storming like crazy. Big heavy raindrops, pouring and windy. Megan so desperately wanted to hold the umbrella. The dang thing just about blew her away! It was kind of funny. But I guess you had to be there.
Anyway, after lunch I decided to get the kids into a project. I got them each a paper plate and put out some acrylic paints (I chose the colors) and then cut up an old file folder into 3x4.5 inch cards. And I let them go at it with the paint.

It kept them busy for a good hour since they both had 4 cards to paint.
When they were done, Megan went down for a nap, Jake went in the garage with Pete and I started cutting some shapes with my Slice. (which, BTW, quit working right GRRRR!)
When everything was dry, and I had cut out all that I could I strung them together like this:

I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's day, but I DO like the decorations. And since Jake never brings any art work home from school, it's nice to have some kid art up around the house.
And that's what we did today.


nicole said...

love that banner!! sounds like it could also be a freezing day kind of project ;)

and yes I have to say i don't let jeff come to target or the grocery store with me either...a lot more money and way more junk!

Allison said...

Super cute!!

Hope the storm thing isn't so bad. They tend to GREATLY exxagerate that type of thing here too. I think they like any excuse to use their fancy weather equipment.

Kelly DaCosta said...

i LOVE it! i think i am going to copy your idea...thanks for the creativity..You ROCK!

Brown English Muffin said...

Sorry I had to pass it on to someone!!!

Ok now I'm going back to read the actual post...I just didn't want to forget to post the link.

Kimberly White said...

such a cute project Corey!

Brown English Muffin said...

I love this idea....I have to copy it...but I want to push for keeping my little one busy for two hours not just one!!! LOL

Why doesn't Jake bring art home from school?

Jude said...

what a great idea for a rainy day craft! :)

CAmport said...

TOO cute. Bloglines didn't tell me you updated until TODAY! Anyways, love this craft! May have to try it myself. :)