Monday, January 11, 2010

The Doldrums.

Or: The one where I complain a lot.
Or: Why I hate January.

Let me just apologize for this post now. Before you start reading it. It's late. I'm home alone. I'm bored's January. Forgive me for what you are about to read....

It's no secret that I prefer summer to winter. You know, during the holidays a little rain, a little snow, cozy sweaters and boots and comfort food is all good. It's comforting and kitschy. But after Christmas? After Christmas, I'm over it. 100% over it. Ok, I admit the first few days of January when you are all giddy with the newness of the New Year isn't bad. But for me, that giddiness wears off pretty quickly.
January is looooong. And cold. And boring. And no one wants to do anything because they're all cold and bored. And have no money cuz they spent it all on Christmas. There really does come a point were boredom takes over. It's kind of like when a kid is 'over tired' and they just act all crazy? you know? It's that. But opposite.
You come off the post holiday high to a gray let down. And around here it is literally gray. Everything is gray. It's called Tulle Fog. (too-lee) And we are in the midst of being socked in right now. We haven't seen the sun since??? Christmas??
It wears on a person. We need vitamin D, you know?
It's foggy for days and then it rains, and sometimes its foggy and rainy at the same time and then the rain stops and it's foggy some more. (pardon my run-on) Mostly it doesn't rain and it's just cold and gray without purpose.
*Side note: It really doesn't help matters that Target blinds you with bathing suits on Jan. 1. Who starts bathing suit shopping in January?? I mean, unless you're lucky enough to be vacationing in the Caribbean. It's like they're sitting back laughing at you and all your 'winter weight' and rubbing summer in your face.
At least in February we get little sneaks of spring. We might even get a day of 70* weather.
That doesn't happen in January.
And I know, I know...half the nation is in a deep freeze right now and my friends in the north don't even know what 50* in February is, let alone 70*.
I really should not be complaining.
Go ahead. Say it. Shut the heck up Corey!
There. I said it for you.
It's PMS. Or something.
No wait! It's LACK OF VITAMIN D!


Allison said...

I'm there. Done with winter. We still have snow on the ground from Christmas Eve, but luckily the sun's come out a day or two. I'm usually more of a winter person, but the summer was really good this year. And also, most of my cute clothes are summery. Ha!! I've felt like a giant slob for months now. Bleh.

Kelly DaCosta said...

I feel ya. Well...we don't have the clouds or fog, just cold and sunny here. But, I am optomistic with the tempts finally up to 50's and 60's. It is time to invent some new traditions for January. Plan fun things for the snowboarding or skiing. Scrap some pages or see an old friend. Go have fun Corey! Being home-bound day in and day out is boring and it gets to you. You are going mad!! Let me know what you decide on. If you ever just need a friend to talk to - call me. I am always up for conversation. FB for my info.

nicole said...

i'm so with you...although yes I am not feeling bad for you and your CA weather :)....but SO ready for spring to get here! long warm days sound so good right now!

Anonymous said...

I looked out the window today and saw this strange light - it was actually the sun! I jumped up and ran outside and just stood there for 10 minutes getting a dose of vitamin D. All too soon my break was over and the sun went behind a cloud. Nice while it lasted.

Brown English Muffin said...

I'm going to PR the end of January...but you still wouldn't see me in a bathing suit!!! LOL

P.S. I'm a lover of all seasons.....if it wasn't for the cold when would you wear cute sweaters and drink hot chocolate.

Jude said...

yeah, i am ready for some warmth. we had the coldest december ever, and while it was fun, since it didn't snow again, i was miffed about it! ;)