Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The fair and other things...

Things have been a little busy around here I guess. We're finally settling in to school. Megan turned 3 last week. I had a babysitting job for a day. Pete is headed out tomorrow for another trip to Alaska, I got a new laptop (!) and we went to the state fair over the weekend.
I'll start with school. We kind of had a rocky start. I think it's just taken (me especially) a little time to adjust to the change from kindergarten to first grade. Who knew it would be SO different? But it is. Being in the combo class with 2nd graders I think makes it even more so, I think. Jake's kindergarten teacher was everything you would expect at kindergarten teacher to be. She lived and breathed teaching. She LOVED what she did and it radiated from her. She was loving, nurturing, yet firm. Well the new teacher....while she is very enthusiastic, she seems.... a little lost maybe? I think it's because she taught 8th grade last year. So this is a very big change for her too. I suppose it will all work out, but it sure does seem like an adjustment.
Megan's birthday was Friday. Where did 3 years go? My baby is gone. :( It makes me sad yet happy at the same time. Does that make sense? I've finally enrolled her in a gymnastics class that starts in 2 weeks. I am so excited for her, and for me. I'm hoping that maybe we'll actually meet some little girls her own age! I'm telling you, there is an unnatural amount of boys here in this town.
Friday night we headed up to my moms so we could go to the fair on Saturday. We all got up so we could get out there early and beat the heat and the crowds. The forecast said the high would be about 97* which is hot, but not unbearable. Plus, here in CA, the hottest part of the day is around 4 or 5 o'clock. We figured we'd be fine. Boy were we ever wrong! And so was the forecast. It ended up being about 108* when we finally left at 2 o'clock. We did manage to have a little bit of fun though.

We headed out to the farm first. I love this part of the state fair. It's so beautiful the way the set up the vegetable beds and everything is so lush.

This is also where they have the farm nursery and the baby animals that were born at the fair. The day we were there the only babies they had were piglets. Really, is there anything cuter than a perfectly pink new baby pig?!

Then of course we had to go get a corn dog.

And something cold to drink.

And then Megan's favorite part of the day: The pony rides.

Jake was pretty happy about it too. Though he would never tell you he loved as much as Megan did. (Ponies are for girls, you know)

And then to the ticket booth to ride some rides.

Some of the rides at the fair were actually from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. The nostalgic part of me wondered why they would ever take them out of there. Like why wouldn't they just preserve the place like it is? Sort of like Graceland. And then another part of me was just kind of creeped out by it all together.

After this, we let Jake ride the go-carts and then we were outta there. It was so hot I was doing anything just to cool down. Like putting ice down the front of my shirt so I'd stop sweating. Classy, eh? :)
So that's about it. Pete is leaving tomorrow for another trip to Alaska. He's headed out to the wild tundra this time, hunting for moose. We have to leave at 4 am tomorrow to get him to the airport on time. *sigh* I'm going to miss him.


Melissa said...

I agree, the rides from MJ Neverland would creep me out a bit, but kinda cool at the same time...

Yea for a new laptop though! Now you can blog, Facebook and check email from all over the house :)

Anonymous said...

We had such a good time at the fair! Hot, hot, HOT!! Seeing the kids having so much fun was worth it though. Lovely shots of your Mom. . .

Allie said...

Man! I always miss the piggies at the fair. Maybe this year. One thing Tulsa does right - they wait to have the fair until the end of September! Cute pics :)

beth said...

you are a busy lady!


talk with you soon.

nicole said...

wow lots going on for you!!

love the fair pics...love that jake has a smile the mile wide on the ponies - so cute!

camport said...

The Jake on the pony shot is gonna be worth big bucks during his teenage years. :) Love all the pics, as usual.

How long is Pete gone for this time? Long enough to earn you a trip somewhere?


Kimberly White said...

Happy birthday Megan! Those little pigs are darling =) Hoping school settles out soon and that you have a wonderful day my friend!

Miss jane said...