Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now and Later

hmmm...I've had this blog for almost 3 years now and I only have 275 posts to date. Clearly I am not blogging enough.
My last post I promised 'more actual blog content' but then I think it's been over a week since I said that. Sorry.
I've been working on this scrapbooking class. Me: TAV (Me: The Abridged Version) It has quite a bit of journaling involved. Which means lots and lots of typing. And since it's about me, going through the process has been.....a little overwhelming, therapeutic, and a little exhausting. But fun! I know the end product will be awesome.
Anyway, so much of my time has been spent doing that.
Pete was gone again to Alaska. Yes, if you are the keeping score type, that would be the 2nd time in a year, 3rd time in 2 years and 2nd time in a matter of 3 months. Me? I canceled my trip. My one trip alone in 3 years. It's ok. No really. I'm not bitter. Honestly. I am very glad he is home safe and sound though. I got a little worried you know, when he's buying stuff like Bear Spray and carrying a satellite phone with a direct line to the Coast Guard. But all is well now.
This Fall is turning out to be pretty busy already.
Wednesday night we went to the Cub Scouts sign up. Oh my goodness was Jake ever excited. The kid could not stop talking about it since he brought the flier home from school a week ago. He wanted to bring his fishing pole and his bow and arrow to the meeting! We were like Dude, it's just the sign ups. He was having none of it! I'm glad to see him so excited about it though. Anyway so we go to the meeting. It seems like the current den is pretty small and in fact the Tiger Cubs (Jake's group) didn't even have a leader. I was stressing for a minute thinking I was going to have to step up and be the Den Mother. That sounds bad. It's not that I didn't want to. But it just seemed like a lot when I really would have no idea what I was doing. Luckily one of the dads stepped up. I'm just really hopping that they make it as fun as it sounds. I was in Girl Scouts as a kid and we kind of had a lame troop leader, we never did the camp outs or anything, there were only 4 of us in the troop. It pretty much sucked. I'm really hoping these kids stay in it and really enjoy it.
Next week Megan goes to Gymnastics for the first time. We missed this week because of Pete's flight. We tried to make it back from the airport in time, but we were just too late. She was pretty much heartbroken for a few minutes. But since she really has no idea what it is, she got over it pretty quick. She just knew she was missing out on something. Poor thing.
The end of the month we're going to Santa Cruz for the weekend. My dad is renting a house down there for the week and we are crashing in on Friday night. I'm super excited. We haven't been to this place in a few years and it's pretty neat. The house itself is nestled away in the woods but is just a little ways from a private beach. It's so cozy and very cabin-y. The kids are going to love it.
The end of October we're going camping with my mom and Mike. This camping trip is going to be super fun! The whole campground 'dresses up' and decorates for Halloween. All the campers and RVs decorate their rigs and all the kids go trick-or-treating. They have contests and everything for the decorating and pumpkin carving. We can't wait!
AND THEN.... oh yes, there's more fun coming! For Thanksgiving we're having a giant party up in Lake Tahoe. Pete's two cousins and their families are coming out here (one from Georgia and one from Montana) and we're all renting a house in Tahoe for 3 days. There will be 24 of us total. 10 of that 24 are kids! Are we crazy? Quite possibly. Will it be fun? I sort of have visions of A Griswold Old Fashioned Family Christmas in my head. I'm hoping it won't be that disastrous. But regardless, there will be many memories made and stories to tell!
Anyhow, I think I've rambled on long enough. We have plenty to look forward to in the next few weeks!


camport said...

Simon's group or troop or den or whatever it's called has 16 kids. And the leader has done this before, so she's super organized.

That sucks that you didn't get to go to Scrapfest. Maybe next year we can ALL go! One big shindig.

All your family trips coming up makes me a little homesick AND miss my RV. We need to go retrieve the Beast so we can go camping for fun again.


Kimberly White said...

Good for you for taking a scrapbooking class ... what a treasure all the typing and you scrapbooking will be to your kids and grandkids! Sounds like you guys are BUSY these days ... but then, who isn't? Thanks for all your sweet comments to me ... so glad we can stay in touch through our blogs my friend!

Melissa said...

Yes, it still sucks that we couldn't go to scrapfest...we will eventually I JUST KNOW IT.

I hope you all share some of your albums with us, becuase with all your chatter on FB, it's got me intrigued!! :)