Monday, August 03, 2009

Pouty McPouterson

This is Jake's new nickname.
Is this just a six year old boy thing? He's been so bent out of shape and pouty about the dumbest things lately. And it's not just the pouty sad face either. It's the pouty sad face plus the slumped shoulders and the turtle neck and ape arms. Are you getting the picture?
Man it's bugging me. The other day I'm telling Megan how happy I am that she's cleaning up and she's doing such a good job. And Jake says "I'm not doing a good job??" *ugh*!! It's not that I said he was doing a bad job, but he's all mad because I didn't tell HIM he's doing a good job. Do I really have to tell him every single time?? Pete says yes, I do. I mean I say it to Jake 98% of the time because he really is an excellent cleaner upper and Megan is SO NOT so I feel like when I see her actually doing something, I need to praise her for it. Then he gets all pouty because I didn't say it to him. Sometimes I'm like...really? no really? we're getting upset for this?
And it's not just the jealousy of his sister. McPouterson also comes out when the next door neighbor says the kids can't play (understandable), or when we've run out of cereal, or when I ask him to clean up his room, or when I tell him he needs to drink water instead of juice. I mean, I guess all these things would require some amount of poutage in the kid world. But do we need all the dramatics to go along with it?
I realize there is no solution to this. I'm just venting. McPouterson gets old real quick.
In other news...
This weekend a very good family friend of ours got married. Heidi is Pete's best friends sister and he's known her his entire life. It was so nice to see her totally in love and starting a new life together. She called me Wednesday last week to ask me if I would help take pictures at the wedding. Her aunt was the main photographer and I was kind of the back up. Wow, wedding photography is hard work! I was physically sore from it the next day. We won't talk about how out of shape I am...but it was mostly due to the heals I was wearing! Don't wear heals if your working a wedding! I won't be pursuing a new career anytime soon. It was really fun though. And I realized just how much I like taking pictures of people. Portraits though. I found it hardest to get those great candid shots. Maybe if I had a sneakier a big telephoto so I could hide in a corner and zoom in on people.
Anyway here is a sample of some of the shots I took. They're not the best or anything, but they're a start. I was mostly just following her aunt's lead and letting her do all the posing and such.

I think you can click on it to make it bigger.
Anyway, it was fun.
It's almost time for school around here. Jake starts next Wednesday! I think now that the pouty face is making a regular appearance I'm ready for someone else to look at it! HA! Just kidding. I'm also going to see if I can find some activity for Megan. She's going to be 3 at the end of the month and I think it's time for her to get social with kids her own age. I feel so bad for her. She really never plays with anyone her own age. There are a few kids at the pool we've met, but there seems to be an unnatural amount of BOYS here in the neighborhood! So I'm thinking of finding a ballet or gymnastics class for her.
Anyway, I guess that's it for now.
Can you believe it's August already??


Jude said...

i think i have mcpouty's long lost twin here... mcpoochylip! It is not jsut Jake and it is the new thing Lincoln has been doing... i so get it!
Love the pictures, you did a GREAT job!!

nicole said...

what a great job with the photos corey!!!
and maybe jake, lincoln and jack are long lost triplets...or it is just the plight of a boy that age - and whining is the first thing that comes naturally - and unfortunatley for jack whining pushes me to the brink in about 3 seconds! ;)

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds about right for a six-year-old. :-) My fave right now is the 13-year-old look that seems to say, "You have no idea what you're talking about, Mom."

I can't believe it's already August!!