Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hello! Well here I go again with some randomness. First this picture is of (of course) Jake and our buddy Will. Will is 2 years younger than Jake, but seriously he's such a cool little kid. He loves Jake something fierce. He's one of those kids that's just hilarious to watch. He gets SO excited about things. So excited that he can't form a rational thought, his eyes get all wiggy and he visibly shakes. Hmm I realize now that I read that back that the description sounds a little funny. But trust me, it's cute and entertaining. We're going to go hang with Will and his little sis tomorrow morning. Now with school less than a week away it seems we're totally swamped with stuff to do. Park tomorrow, a lake picnic Saturday and then another lake picnic Monday. Haircut and new shoes Tuesday. 1st day of school Wednesday. I'm feeling a little unprepared for the start of the school year. It seems like the jump from kindergarten to first grade is quite a big one. You go from 3 and half hours of school to 5. I have to prepare a lunch for him now. And then there's Megan. Do I put her down for a nap early and then wake her up when it's time to go pick up Jake? Or do I let her stay up and put her down after Jake gets home? And speaking of lunches....gah. I hated lunch when I was in school. Knowing me I'll make him a PB&J every day and knowing him he'll toss it. Because that's exactly what I did when I was a kid. As I kid I didn't care, but I'm sure my mom did. You don't want your kid to go hungry. Why am I stressing over this? I turned out fine, right? Moving on...
Also in preparation of school, Jake has been practicing his sight words, numbers, writing, etc... The other day it took him a full hour to write the numbers 1-30. And he still didn't get them right. He loses focus and then everything is just mush. Needless to say, we've now been practicing A LOT and he has made a huge improvement. Mush has now somewhat solidified like this mornings oatmeal. It just took him a minute to get going again.
Oh, here's another question....So Wednesday is the first day of school and his birthday is Saturday (the 15th). I'd like to have an actual birthday party for him this year, like you know with friends and party favors and all that fun stuff. So do I go ahead and send him to school with invites on Wednesday for a party on his actual birthday that Saturday? OR do I wait till Monday of the next week for a party on the 22nd (that Saturday)? I'm thinking the 22nd is the better date. Also, what do you do at a party for a 6 year old boy? I'm guessing Pin the Tail on the Donkey is so..... I don't know....1984?

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camport said...

You could have the party at a park and not worry about games. I don't know. I was thinking about the exact same thing this morning. With Simon's b-day being so close to Christmas/Christmas Break, nobody can ever come to his party. I think this year we'll do it the first week of Dec or after Christmas.

Jake is such a cutie. This 1st grade thing is a big deal, huh?? Kindergarten still felt kinda like day care or something. 1st grade is the real deal!