Monday, July 20, 2009

American dreams...

hey look! I'm blogging again :D Two days in a row.
So, I've been thinking about vacations. Here we are again with 3 and a half weeks of summer left and I feel like we've done nothing. Well, we went camping but that was before school was even out! And we had a great 4th of July but...I guess I'm just looking for something more. I was reading blogs this morning and when I got to Cathy Zielske's morning post I think I got a twinge envious. She talked about her family's weekend up at some lake in Northern Minnesota. A lake house that her husband has been going to his whole life. A lake house that he has such fond memories of and surely their children will now too. She has pictures of her kid jumping off the dock, and the family playing games at the kitchen table at night, and perusing the town and playing a round of mini golf during the day.
Oh how I long for that. I really do. I want a place that we as a family go to. A place we all look forward to every summer. A place were we go and relax in the musty old furniture. And cook in the funky old kitchen. And relax on the porch and watch the sun go down and play cards till the wee hours. A place that in 20 years is still the same. See I'm rambling now, but you get the point. I'm such a sucker for traditions and nostalgia. I'm a sucker for that classic American lifestyle. I hope we can find a place like that someday. I've been to places like this a few times in my life. My stepsisters have been going to the same mountain resort for something like 28 years. They grew up going there and now they rent their own cabin. I tagged along quite a few times over the years and I loved it. We used to go to a beach house every once and a while, but haven't been in years. Is it too much I'm asking for? To have a place we call "ours"? I don't even want to own it. I just want to be able to rent it when ever I want :D ahh well...our family is still young. We'll find a tradition somewhere along the way, I'm sure.
Pete and I are thinking of doing a little get-away this weekend. Maybe up to Lake Tahoe or over to the coast. We haven't been to Tahoe since we got married. Hotels for the weekend are wicked expensive though! I think I'm willing to sacrifice for a little time away though. We'll see. We had to cancel our camping trip to Big Sur. Man, I was SO disappointed about that. But it's ok, we will definitely be going next year.
I guess that's all I got for now...
I'll post some pictures soon. Blog posts without pictures are boring. Please forgive me.


camport said...

I get it! My parents rented a cabin two thanksgivings in a row when I was in highschool. It was so so so much fun. We had a little too much family drama going on at the time, though, and decided not to make it a family tradition.

I think now that we're all moving away, I'll try and bring it up again. It's such a bonding experience when everyone is out of their element instead of just "going to grandma's." I hope you guys find THAT place.


Kimberly White said...

First of all ... glad you are going away this weekend! SO so good! And I'm with Chrissy ... I hope you find that place too. When I was young my memories were of camping in our tent trailer =)

Miss jane said...