Friday, June 12, 2009

Day....i don't even remember anymore

of Pete being gone.

Let me take a step back for a minute. I feel a little bad and somewhat self centered about my last post. I didn't intend on it being a whine fest about me being all lonely about Pete being gone for 12 days. I mean, yes I miss him very much. But 12 days? Right now to us...12 days feels very long. But in reality twelve days is nothing. When I think about all the men and women who are across the world in Iraq or Afghanistan for months or even years, or life changing events like COT training for 5 very long weeks all while leaving their families at home....What the heck am I whining about 12 days for?

That being said...Oh my gosh are we ever ready for him to be home! I'm pretty sure, but not entirely positive that he'll be home on Monday. And I'm also pretty sure I will have to go to the airport and pick him and his buddies up. I dropped these guys off the day the left. The level of testosterone in that vehicle was--insurmountable. A bunch of guys all pumped up on going out into The Wild to be MEN and fish and hunt....Yeah-testosterone overload. {picture: Tim Allen on Tool Time with that manly grunting thing he used to do..times like 100} When I got out of the truck to give Pete a hug, I whispered in his ear: "don't make me do this ever again" hee hee! He just laughed.

Anyway, what was I talking about?

I don't remember either.

The week has been pretty boring. It doesn't feel like summer vacation at all except for the fact that I'm not driving back and forth to school 2 or 3 times every day. It's been cold. And windy. Well, not cold...but definitely not warm. So we've kind of just been hanging out. We did go to the park once and yesterday out of I think pure desperation for something to do, we went to the pool. It was warm enough to hang out and be comfortable outside of the pool. But too cold for my taste in the pool. So we basically hung in the hot tub. Which Jake was like SO ecstatic about. The kid is so much like me. He hates to be cold!

Oh and my computer crashed again. Well, I think I {read: Dell tech guy} may have saved it before it actually crashed. Let me just say this: If you don't have an external hard drive--get one! Get one and store all of your important documents and of course all of your pictures on it. And back it up every month. The sad truth is both Pete and I have become very dependent on this stupid machine. It's funny for me to even say that because we didn't even have the internet at home 3 years ago. I'm not kidding. But how quickly we have succumbed to it's devilish grip! Unfortunately, this is the only computer we have. We store all of our pictures, all of our business documents, I do a lot with photoshop (I've really become dependent just on that one program for both personal and business use), I pay about half of all of our bills online. Not to mention all the shopping, blogging and social networking! If this machine goes down for the count...we might as well lay down with it. Sad but true.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get all my important stuff off the computer before the Dell tech completely restored the system. For $129 bucks I basically have a brand new machine. The cool thing is, with all that junk gone...this thing runs like a champ! So far anyway. Everything seems so much faster. random is this post?! Gosh I'm good at random. :) And boring. I promise I'm not this boring in real life.

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Jude said...

hang in there he will be home soon!!! :)
Glad you got the computer fixed, and yes, it is a blessing and a curse!