Monday, June 22, 2009

'bikini' bread

Zucchini bread is now affectionately called Bikini bread in our house. Thanks to Megan. :) Although, I really doubt you'd be wearing a bikini if you ate too much of it.
So I was totally called out by Jake this morning. Megan was sitting eating her yummy bikini bread and I knew Jake was hesitant about trying it. I wouldn't tell him what exactly it was, I told him he had to try it first. So I took a nice sugary, buttery bite for him and put it in his mouth. He ate it, but I seriously can not believe he didn't like it. I mean, I purposely got a piece that had the yummy brown sugar crumb topping on it so he would be more inclined to like it. He swallowed it down, but he just didn't enjoy it.
"you're weird.", I said.
"no I'm not.", he said.
"you don't like anything. You're weird."
"Mommy, you're weird. You don't even like watermelon!:
"And daddy's weird cuz he won't eat tomatoes. And Megan is weird cuz she won't eat pizza or Taco Bell! We're all weird mommy, not just me!"
Point taken, sir!
But seriously, he won't even eat Cool Wip. Who doesn't like Cool Wip??!


Kelly DaCosta said...

Too Funny!

Kimberly White said...

LOL! What a great name for Zucchini bread ( I have 3 plants just starting to grow in my garden ... looking forward to lots of Bikini bread in September). We're weird in this house too ... except for Matt - he'll eat anything!
Have a great day my friend!

nicole said...

william has plenty of those too...
and lauren also for that matter - just today jeff and i were laughing that she calls the dairy queen blizzards - lizards :)