Monday, June 08, 2009

Day 6

Without Pete here.
I'm still trucking along just fine on day six. However, I do feel that downward spiral just beginning to spin. I still have 6.5 days until he comes home so I guess I'm half way there. Like I've said before, I'm used to it. At first I kind of like it. The fact that I don't feel pressured to have the house all picked up all the time, or a big dinner on the table every night. But after awhile eating out, being lazy and not being in a routine just gets boring. Not to mention the stress of dealing with everything alone while he's gone. Single parents have a LOT on their plates.
The kids are really starting to miss him. Megan has asked me every day "Daddy's gonna be home?". It just about kills me when she asks. And Jake...well, he understands a lot more than Meg does. Sometimes that's good, but sometimes it's bad. Today he said twice "I wish Daddy would come home. I miss Daddy".
So anyway to give us all something to do, the kids and I headed up to my parents houses for the weekend. First stop Grandma Katy's:
We didn't do much but hang out all day Saturday. We went to Target in the morning and the kids picked out a few things from the dollar spot. We spent all afternoon in the back yard just playing and hanging out. Mom has a great back yard for that. :)

I love these new flip flops I got from Target. They're SO comfy. :)
Water gun wars with Grandpa.
Being silly. Orange stained tongue from a Popsicle.

Sunday morning we got up, got dressed and then headed up to my Dad's.

Getting attacked by Dad's dog Sadie.
Being weird.

I really do love going there. It's the house I grew up in and though lots and lots of changes have happened through the years, every time I'm there I think...why don't I visit more often? Plus the kids love it too...there's frogs and fish and dragon flies and llamas and dogs and cats. It's always lots of fun. Dad wanted to take us all out to the movies, so we headed into town and went to see Up. Not my favorite Pixar flick, but definitely a good story. There were 2 or 3 times where I just wanted's a little sad. But a great story.
On our way home last night we stopped and picked up Caitlin for another sleepover because her mom was still out of town. We were all so tired. All 3 kids had had such a long weekend. It wasn't the best sleepover. Lots of whining and tattle-tailing and of course they were all up at 7am this morning. Today was kind of a long day. ;)
So here's to the next 6 days. I hope they go by fast. Tomorrow I'm getting these kids out of the house for a couple hours at least.


Kimberly White said...

So glad you are doing well ... hoping the last 6 go by fast! And looks like you had fun this weekend!

camport said...

Yikes. I'm not looking forward to doing five weeks alone. Well, I'll be living with my parents, so not completely alone. Though I KNOW there will be days I'd rather be alone...

More power to ya. Hope the next 6 are full of fun for you all.

Also, Sean recently went to a paintball thing with some work buddies. Has Pete ever considered a paintball course on the land? Sean said it was a huge racket and the people must've been raking in the dough, but it was fun and packed! Just a thought. I'm all about ideas that could turn a profit.


nicole said...

I am exactly the same way when jeff goes somewhere (although I've never been here by myself for that long!!) at first i like having time to myself but then i start getting so tired from doing everything else myself that it's no fun anymore :)
but looks like you guys are having fun and keeping busy!
and just remember what you get to do in return for surviving these days alone :)

Jude said...

yeah, this last time I got tired of fruity pebbles for dinner pretty quickly... :)
Hang in there!!