Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I don't even know what to write.
I'm so irritated beyond belief right now.
We had a super time in Disneyland...and right now I just want to go back! I just want to go back to vacation!
Right before we left, I'd had a few problems with a virus on my computer. I had virus protection and I thought that it had been taken care of. But as soon as we got home I noticed there was obviously still a problem. By Monday afternoon I was on the phone with the internet security company for probably 2 hours or more. We thought the problem was taken care of. Come to find out...that was just the beginning. Monday night Pete was checking his emails and all of a sudden all kinds of weird stuff started happening and then the whole thing shut down. At one point there was even random sound bytes coming out of my speakers spontaneously. It was really crazy.
I got back on the phone at 8 am Tuesday and spent the majority of the day either on my phone or on the computer (or both) trying to fix it. At one point, I was on the phone with tech, my other line was beeping in my ear..I look at the phone and see it the school calling. I put the tech girl on hold, answered the phone fearing something terrible had happened, only to find out that Jake had spilled water all down the front of him and needed a change of clothes. I then had to grab my cell phone, text my SIL (who was super busy) to come over and get some clothes and take them to Jake. It was just kind of insane. The last straw for me last night was when I received an email from Tech Support that instructed me to unintstall and then reinstall my virus/security software. I followed the directions just as instructed to. After I'd uninstalled and began reinstalling, I was prompted for a product serial number. uh.....WHAT?! The product was installed at the factory, hence I did not have a serial number. Well, I DID have one...but I uninstalled the program and was not instructed to retrieve the number before I uninstalled the program. This might seem like common sense to some...but I really don't know that much about computers. You've got to spell it out for me. So there I was...after about 8 hours of installing, uninstalling, creating system files, waiting for emails etc... and then looking at this blinking cursor as it waited for some magic number I did not have. {insert brief period of tears here.}
It seems stupid to get so worked up about something that...really? the big picture....what does it really mean? NOTHING. But unfortunately, in the age we live in, it almost seems impossible. Of course, I use the computer mostly for casual stuff. But I've begun paying my bills online, and we run a business...all of Petes business stuff is stored on this machine. To think of not having a computer...well honestly, kind of freaks me out.
At this point the computer is still broke. It seems silly to even be on the internet when the internet is what is causing all this crap. But I'm still waiting for an email as to what to do next.
And now the crazy sounds are coming out of the speakers again. AHHHH!!!
Anyway, I'm dreading getting back on the phone today. I can't even bear the thought of talking to another techy. I can't even bear the thought of uninstalling or reinstalling anything else. I wish the genie could just twiddle her nose and fix it.


camport said...

Been there, done that. Twice. Within the past 2 months. We talked to a tech guy in person though. It's more glamorous to cry over the phone, than face to face with a Geek Squad-er.

He gave us the break down on technology. Basically, all computers suck. All except for Macs. Which happen to be $1500 for the very cheapest tower.

We ended up getting a Gateway. So far, so good. It's only been about 2 weeks tho. HP's, we were told, are the worst of the worst. Followed closely by Dell. Ironically, that's all we've ever owned.

I don't think it's stupid to get that frustrated over technology. We as a society have become totally reliant upon them. I pay my bills online, all of our tax stuff, all of our PICTURES, everything is on this little box of errors.

What are ya gonna do? I can't imagine what our kids are going to have to deal with!


Kimberly White said...

Hugs to you Corey! Hoping you get it all sorted out! (And I'm glad you had fun at Disney!) Have a better day!

Jude said...

aw man Corey, I hate it for ya! I am glad we have a friend who works those things out for us!! :( Here is to hoping it gets fixed real quick! (and easy!!)

Miss jane said...