Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sometimes (ok maybe all the time) I really hate having a lock box on my front door. Our house is still up for sale. We haven't had much activity on it at all. (hello, the economy sucks, real estate market sucks, etc..etc...) But every now and then I get some idiot real estate agent who thinks just because they have a lock box key, and just because every other house with a for-sale sign in the neighborhood is vacant, they think they can just unlock my door and walk right in. Walk. Right. In. Without knocking. Without ringing the doorbell.
This has happened twice in the past 2 weeks. TWICE! Since when do you just go tromping through neighborhoods opening doors? Aren't you supposed to do some research in the office before you take your clients out? Call the listing agent? Look at the MLS??? Our listing clearly says to call first. I know the market is different now, but COME ON! Do I need to post a sign on the door? "THIS HOUSE IS NOT VACANT"
I feel like taking a sledge hammer to that freaking lock box and throwing it at someone (not to be named).
In other neighborhood craziness....Jake comes home from playing outside the other day and casually says "I got in a dog fight today mommy". A dog fight? Yeah. Background story: My neighbors behind us 'rescued' a stray dog a while back. The dog has previously shown very aggressive behavior. I have no idea why they keep this thing. I love dogs, I really do...but if they are dangerous to others than something needs to be done. The dog has charged at Pete once and once at Jake. And I'm not being overly dramatic. I'm not afraid of dogs, but this dog scares me. So anyway Jake says "I got in a dog fight" and come to find out it was this particular dog. Apparently Jake was just walking home and the dog charged down the ally, barking with his teeth showing as it ran and jumped on Jake from the back and pushed him down to the ground. Jake has a huge scratches all the way down his back from this dog. The owner came running out of her house, sicks her dog off of him, and then tells Jake to stay away from the dog. HELLO! Keep your freaking attack dog in the yard! They know the dog has issues, and yet they keep it. This is the 2nd time it has done this to my kid. They are SO lucky nothing major has happened. Their going to be really sorry when some body's kid gets bit. And it better not be my kid!
In happier news...
I've been planning our Disneyland trip. Pete didn't find my notes all over the house too humorous. ha ha!! He laughed though. He says "women always have to go over the top to make a point". What ever works, dude!
Anyway, we're all getting really excited for our trip. Jake keeps telling Megan:
"And we're going to sleep in a hotel!"
"And there's going to be an inside pool and an inside hot tub!" That's all he seems to really care about. There's been no mention of Mickey Mouse or magic or rides, just the inside pool. Kids are so funny.


Melissa said...

ok, so the whole lock box thing would freak me out. Seriously, what if you were in the shower?

Tanner gets excited over little things too when we go to WDW. Like getting orange juice at the hotel. And the pool and his own BIG bed.

The Klentzmans said...

You should report the pooch- not to be cruel, but if they aren't gonna get rid of it, let the authorities... they might wait till a little kid gets seriously hurt or worse! Man dogs kind of scare me in general, but one that is showing real issues? Time to take matters into your own hands, I say!

camport said...

You need to report that dog! Who cares about neighborly courtesy or whatever. At least take pics of his scratches to get it documented in case some other kid gets hurt or if it goes after Jake again. Wierdos! I don't understand some people. My sisters dog used to knock Simon over every time we'd go to her house. They always yelled at Simon, the 2 year old at the time. Like this tiny kid provoked their freakin' out of control dog. GRR.

Yay for DL! I wish I could go back again. We're trying to decide if a quick trip to DW would be worth it right now. Money wise, time wise, how much longer can I hobble along? I look at it like this could be out last chance to go for a long time and the kiddos deserve one last hoorah, right?


Cheryl Wray said...

Uh-uh!!! Her just coming into the house is freaky!!!

I'm jealous about Disneyland. Hope you have a great trip!!

Jami said...

I agree with everyone else. Do something about the dog and don't wait. Report the dog, report the neighbors......Catherine got bit by a dog in the face when she was little and she still has issues with big dogs.