Tuesday, April 01, 2008

He can go anywhere.

Step one: get on

Step two: concentrate

Step three: pedal! pedal! balance!

Step four: he's got it! keep going buddy!

Step five: he goes down. oops

The boy can ride a bike now. *sniff, sniff*
Within 5 minutes of having the training wheels off, he had it down. He can go anywhere now.

*please no hate mail regarding my son's lack of head protection. I am aware of the bicycle safety laws. Thank you*


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Now he really needs a bigger bike and a helmet! I can't believe he's not even 5 and can already ride a bike! Sure didn't take after his mother in that regard! Makes me hurt to see him fall. . . . :o(

Gra-ma Katy

nicole said...

that is so cute...love the progression of photos :)
since we have a (very) short bike season here Jack and Lauren don't even have big bikes yet...this year for their birthday we are going to start that stage.
But awesome job Jake!!

Kimberly White said...

Woo hoo! Good job Jake! Hugs to the Mama of the growing boy! Love ya! Kim

camport said...

:) Riding on 2 wheels was a much bigger step than I was ready for. It's such a huge deal. Next up is swimming, but I don't think that'll take much effort either. :(

What a cutie, love his look of concentration.


Jude said...

I boo-hooed when Micah brought Lincoln home from the park with no training wheels on his bike!! He looks so big~ and don;t worry, I am sure your neighbors will let you know about the head gear...HAHAHAHAHA.

Melissa said...

Way to go!!! THat is so great!!

Brown English Muffin said...

LOL I laughed when I read Jude's comment I can see the letter in the mail now...please tell me at least the grass is cut so all they can bitch about is the helmet!!! I hope that's they grass he crashed on too!!!

Do you see that look of concentration!!!!

Good job!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

This is SO precious!!! the pictures are FABULOUS!!!!

They just grow up too soon, don't they?