Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes, I'm a copy cat

Ok, so I totally copied Chrissy with her photo collage. Hey, it's a good idea. I had all these pics of Meg over the last day or so and they needed a home together. :)
I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. I guess not a whole lot is going on. We're settling into our new routine. I really like being able to run erands and just do all the stuff I used to do in 2 days, and get stuff done whenever I feel like it. Or need something, or want something. It's nice. What's also nice is that Tracy is basically a bedroom community. People mostly just sleep here...they work out of town...Well, just over the hill in the Bay Area. Which means there's not a whole lot of people out during the middle of the day. No more fighting down grocery store isles on Saturday mornings. And Costco! Costco is like....empty! For real.
Jake is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to every day being a "stay at home day". I can't really blame him...I mean he's been with other kids 5 days a week since he was 9 weeks old...with the exception of the 5 months I was on maternity leave last year. The sad thing is...just like the rest of the town...there's just not a lot of kids home during the day here in our neighborhood. Jake is constanly saying "can I go play with my friend?" and looking out the window for someone. And when I tell him no one is home..."BUT MOOOOMMMMY! I can just go knock on their door, ok?" It just breaks my heart. Oh, and the neighbor I met last weekend?....Uh huh..she IS a SAHM and let me tell ya...SHE's the one not coming out of her cave. Not the other way around! We've been outside every day this week, and we hear her kids playing in their back yard...but they never come out into the ally. See, all of our "back yards" are about the size of a postage stamp, so most of us just open our garages and let the kids go crazy in the ally. They can ride their bikes and run...all the neighbors look out for the kids. I actually really like it like that. The only bad thing is, some one really needs to be out there just to keep an eye out. (at least until they get a little older...all the kids on our street are between 1-5) ANYWAY...poor Jake hears the other little boy down the street and begs me to let him go play with him. He did get a few oportunities this week...but always in their house...never outside. Which I think is just weird..especially because despite the cold wind, it's been pretty nice outside. And when I go over and get him, Jake asks if the little boy can come play down at our house, and the answer is always "no". It's just weird. I'm not ready to think this girl is unfriendly. I think she's just got her thing going on. Her schedule, her play dates or what ever. Or maybe she has just as many social anxieties as I do. Because I'm really shy. The thought of having to talk to someone new just about gives me a panic attack. But it's just the thought. If I actually go and do it, I'm totally fine....I'll talk your head off if you let me! Anyways, so I'm trying to find things to keep the boy occupied. We've been going to the "big park" in town, the library, and on walks. Good thing he is starting school at the end of summer, because he just craves that social interaction.
Megan is taking to the changes around here just fine. I think she's too young to notice too much anyway, but she's a lot like me in that she's just a go-with-the-flow type of gal. :)
Pete of course likes the know, more home cooked meals...well maybe meals that aren't so at 7 o'clock! And I don't think he's had to fold any laundry in 2 weeks. (he used to do about 90% of the laundry!)
So anyways, that's about it. See..nothing too interesting. So now it's the weekend and who knows what we'll do...Monday looks like we (all of us) might head up to the ranch since Pete has the day off. There's been a lot going on up there so I'll be SURE to put my memory card INTO the camera before we leave, I'll take some pics and do a little update here.
Have a good weekend!


camport said...

yeah, social kids are tough to keep entertained. Once he's in school, you'll get to know the other moms and can get a social network going there.

Sounds to me like you're doing every thing you can to be friendly with the neighbor lady. Who knows what her deal is?

Can't wait to see pics of the Ranch!!


camport said...

oh...and little miss is just TOO cute. Don't feel like you copied me! I've been wanting to do a collage like Nicoles for forever and can just never get the pics lined up.

Yours looks great!


nicole said...

Love the collage Corey....and really love little miss with the pony on top of her head...I miss doing that cute hair-do for Lauren.
Also totally know what you mean about Sam's and the grocery store - if I have to go there on a weekend it is like a shock to the system...I'm used to my quite weekday mornings now.
I was wondering how Jake was liking the change...Jack is totally bored here lately (of course it doesn't help that we are shut-ins because of winter) but there is only so much you can do to entertain too.
Anyway sorry for the book...have a great weekend - and looking forward to your pics.

Jude said...

Hmmm... maybe your neighbor has a hard time starting friendships, hang in there... soon you will be sipping coffee with her! :) I hope Jake makes it until school starts!LOL. Does he liek to scrapbook? Lincoln used to do that all the time during naptime last year, so cute! Love the photo collage! And I detest the grocery store on weekends!

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE your collage. Those pics are too cute!!! (love all that pink!)

Melissa said...

Love the picture collage :)
ANd I really need to call you up, because seriously, we might just both talk each others ears off...