Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today was a good day.

It was SO nice outside. Like almost spring. I actually wore short sleeves! Hello! It was awesome. :D
Jake woke me up at 5:30 this morning. I'm like, what the heck are you doing? Turns out he'd peed in his bed...but didn't tell me that until...oh like 8 hours later! See, when he came in my room he just said his leg hurt. (He NEVER comes in my room in the middle of the night. Ever.) He's been saying this for like 2 days now. He keeps pointing at this teeny tiny scratch on the back of his leg telling me it hurt. Last night the miniscule scab even flaked off of it so how could it possibly be hurting still?? I decided he must need some extra attention or something, so I let him get in bed with me. Naive me didn't get that the "hurt leg" was just a cover up for the pee. When he tells me about it 8 hours later, I say "why are you just telling me this now? why didn't you tell me when you came in my room?" Jake: "cuz I thought you'd be mad". Me: "Well I'm more mad that you didn't tell me". Wet sheets at 5:30 in the morning, frustrating yes, but accidents happen...and not very often with this kid so I can't really be mad. But the thought of that pee sitting there all day...ewww!
Anyways, so that was that.
So much happened today...I'm trying to decide what or how to report it all....First I got some awesome cleaning done out of Jake. Totally Huck Finn'ed the kid. (as Jude would put it!) I brought out the vaccum and he really, really wanted to do it himself.
me: well I don't think you're quite big enough to vaccum
Jake: but mooooommmmmmyyy! I really, really want to clean something!
Me: well, I dunno. hmmmmm. I don't know what a kid like you could do.
Jake: Mommy. (very seriously) I could do LOTS of things. I'm a good cleaner.
Me: Hmmmmmm...well..I guess you could clean these windows for me.
Jake: YES! Mommy, pleeeaaaase let me clean them!
And so..he cleaned the bottom half of my french doors, the front of the oven and dishwasher, and then, he dusted the base boards. Nice!
After that, we all went outside. It was just so nice. It's funny, when the weather gets like this, after weeks of cold and rain...people just start popping out of their houses. Like coming out of hibernation. I met a neighbor and her two kids this morning. I'm pretty sure she's a SAHM...she's got a boy just a teesy bit older than Jake and a little girl who's 2. Perfect! They just live a few houses down...but I hardly ever see them out so I've never really talked to them before. But, now this is bad...She says, "are you new in the neighborhood? I don't think I've ever seen you before". Me: (i'm like completely shocked she's saying this...You've never seen me??) "oh, no..we've lived here 2 1/2 years". So either SHE never goes out or I never go out. Anyways, she was nice, but I'm such an idiot...I have NO social skills what so ever..I didn't even ask her her name. smacks head against wall...dumb, dumb! But I did mention that we were always home and her son was more than welcome to come knock on our door to play. So that was good. I guess.
We went back in the house, had lunch and sent Megan off to nap upstairs. About an hour or so later, Jake notices that Cody from across the street and the other little boy we met this morning were out playing in the front. So I let Jake go out too. That's the great thing about this neighborhood...there are a TON of boys all within a year or two of each other in age. I wanted to go out too...but I didn't want to leave Meg in the house alone. Anyways, Brian, Cody's dad came over and asked if Jake could go with them up to the's just at the end of the block. I figured since the dad came and asked, it would be know adult supervision and all. Anyways, so when Megan got up, they were still there so I took her and walked up to the park. We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon. 5 boys, Megan, me, Cody's dad and another mom. It was nice to actually talk to some know, haven't done much of that in the past week or so! Brian says to me "haven't seen you in a while...I can't even remember your name". (oh jeeze! why does no one know who I am?!) I told him I only come out of my cave when it's above 60 degrees! LOL!! It's true...ya'll know how much I LOVE winter and all. ha ha!
And so..this is how the day ended.

SO cute. There's another really cute pic on the photo blog so check that one out too. I just didn't want to double post the same pic :)
Happy Sunday to you!


nicole said...

So great that you have other kids in your neighborhood....I wish that we had more in ours - around here they are all around 10-12.
Also totally know what you mean about coming out of hibernation and feeling like you really do have neighbors - although for us this happens at 40 degrees instead of 60 :)
And another cute pic...really love that one posted on your photo blog.

camport said...

Maybe you should wear a nametag next time you go outside. Keep hanging around out there and keep an eye on the street. When you see a new mom wandering around, pop outside nonchalantly. Try not to be stalkerish, but keep in mind that there could be a new friend in the deal! lol

I'm feeling it, you're gonna be that neighborhood SAHM friend that everybody on your block has been waiting for.

Love this post and I'm so glad staying at home is working out for you!!


Melissa said...

I'm going to make you a name tag:)

We have a neighbor who is the rudest person ever. NOT friendly, nothing. I have done lots of little neighborly things and no thanks, NOTHING! And, they have a little girl who is VERY close to Tanner's age. It stinks. Good thing they aren't home often.

Glad to hear the SAHM thing is working out for you...

Jude said...

I don;t know what is funnier... the fact that you said You don;t venture out of the cave much, or that your neighbors thought you;d jsut moved in... LOL. I am so glad you are having fun days at home with the kiddos, I know they are loving it!! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like such a pretty day!! It actually snowed for a while this morning (well,m maybe for about 30 minutes but for us that's huge...and it was COLD!!!)

Kimberly White said...

Being a SAHM looks REALLY good on you! I'm a hibernater too -- although we did get a huge dump of snow here today so I think I deserve to hibernate (which I'm not doing because I have to drive to the hospital all the time to see Joshua!) Sounds like you had a great day and I laughed out loud reading about how you "Huck finned" Jake to clean! You are one clever Mama! Anyway, thanks for all your encouragement, love and prayers - I so need them! So glad to have you as my friend!
Love Kim