Wednesday, January 09, 2008

short post...

not much going on around here...same old stuff. BUT I can't even believe it myself..I have been keeping up with my 365 project and posting them...with the exception of yesterday. I just can't bring myself to post's a self portrait and it's just embarrassing. Anyway.
I've also been keeping up with my '08 book. It's turning out to be kind of a mod-podge of anything and everything. Some are from the prompts I have listed and some is just what ever I felt like doing. No pressure. I like it! I've actually added a few more pages since I took these pics.

I've also incorporated Emily Falconbridge's "thankful" idea to this book as well. I've just taken scrap pieces of paper as she suggested and used my date stamp and marked however many dates I can fit on that piece.
Lots of different sized papers/projects. Very simple elements-nothing fancy. So far it's been pretty easy to keep up. I hope the glitter doesn't wear off any time soon. I'm determined to have a finished product at years end.
Anyways, got to get ready for my day tomorrow. I'm up at quarter to 5 every morning now so I try and get at least all of our clothes set out for the next day before I go to bed.


nicole said...

love how this is coming together corey!!
and now you have me curious about your picture :)

camport said...

Love the book and you totally have to post ALL the pictures. ESPECIALLY the embarrasing ones.


Jude said...

The book looks great, and I am loving the Gratitude Book as well. I cannot believe you get up that early.. I consider that the middle of the night still!! LOL.

Melissa said...

YOu are up way to early...I'm not even up that early anymore!

Loving the book...and yes, all pictures MUST be posted :)