Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pranks, photoshop and other stuff

So, our house got egged. Yeah. Our pretty little red house got egged. And apparently it happened like 3 weeks ago and I just noticed it today. (LOL!) That's what happens when your driveway is in the rear of your house and not the front. My mom, Jake and I went out front today as my mother was doing her yard work at my house. (Luv U Mom!) Anyways, I turn around and see this huge dried up eggy mess running down the front of my house. So me, being a red head and all...I start ranting..."Our house got egged?! Stupid, freaking! GrHA! What the heck!!!" Apparently my kind neighbor heard me (I was so embarrassed!)and came over and told me that it did infact happen about 2 or 3 weeks ago. It was random as about 5 other houses were hit. It was a drive by some teenage girls. Girls! Gaww I hate girls sometimes. They're so mean. You know, I might have actually seen the humor in it if they had TP'd my house. I've been known to roll a few houses here and there in my youth. But egging? That is just not funny. I mean, we're going to have to paint over that spot. There's no getting it off. It's egg. Dried egg does not come off. So yeah, I'm kinda pissed. And kinda really embarrassed that I didn't notice it until now!
In other news...not a whole lot to report. Jake ended up being really sick last week. I took him to the doctor on Wednesday and he had an ear infection. And sice he had an other one less than a month ago, he's on some pretty heavy meds. He and Megan both still have bad coughs, but thankfully, they seem to be doing better. Thank goodness because I seriously need a break. I honestly don't know how I could handle being home all day every day. Megan is into everything. And I mean everything. All. The. Time. There is constatly a string of stuff all over the entire downstairs, all. the. time. I'm in the kitchen picking up everything she threw on the floor at breakfast, and she's in the dinning room pulling everything off my scrapbooking table. It's a never ending cycle and it makes me insane. And then I get mad, and really it's no one's fault, but it just makes me crazy.
Photoshop: So in the past week or so in my "spare" time I've been kind of messing around with Photoshop. I have PSE5. After doing some research I found out that you actually can run actions in PSE. And I found several free ones to download and I've been playing ever since. It is so addicting and just so fun! Here are some examples:
You may remeber this photo from way back in March:

And now here it is again after I cropped it and added a "soft focus" action:

I think it kind of has a dreamy look to it.
I also found a pretty neet but basic color popping action. Here is the before:
And here is the after: cool, huh? Just subtle enough to notice.

And here's one more just for fun...Pumpkin Patch Guy before:

Pumkin Patch Guy after:

So do you guys wit DSLR's shoot in RAW or JPEG? Just wondering. Because I don't really know the difference, and during my research I saw several people saying it was better to shoot in RAW. But like I said, I don't really even know what that means. Less resolution?
Anyways, off to put these crazies in bed. Have a great week!


nicole said...

Love those photos with the actions Corey...sending you an email right now:) Hope you have a great week!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Ooh, I LOVE what you did with those photos!!! They look great!!

Uck on the dried egg!!

Melissa said...

Seriously love what you did to the pictures. I wouldn't even know where to start on Photoshop.

I haven't a clue what I shoot in. Probably JPEG. I'll get back to you on that one.

I never egged in high school, but I did TP my high school once :)

camport said...

that stinks about the egging, and kinda funny that your neighbor heard you yelling. LOL

Hoping the kiddos feel better and know what you mean about the constant mess. Sean usually comes home with the place looking as it did when he left, but he doesn't get the constant maintenance and the cleaning that happens between when he left and came home.

I'm pretty sure I shoot in Jpeg. I think RAW files are way bigger. I dunno, I'll ask my SIL what's better.

Love the pics!


Carla said...

great job with the photos. love that you are playing with photography.

Kimberly White said...

Yuck about the eggs. Just mean! Joel pulls stuff out all the time too ... (and he's two) I try not to get mad but I get the frustration! Hope you little man is feeling better!

Love your photoshop stuff! Just beautiful!

Brown English Muffin said...

ok I feel soo behind the 8 ball as you americans would say...first off I love your new profile pic which is probably about 6 months old by now but that's how behind I am!!! Second, Courtney has that same sun hat from target, I got the swim suit to match as well. Thirdly can you give links to the those PS actions?

Thanks so much...oh and Courtney is into everything as well, but I make her butt clean up after herself but it's just as much work to get her to do it then if I just did it myself!!! LOL