Sunday, October 07, 2007

ho hum

Feeling kind of blah right now. Feeling like I kind of want to scrap, but that might take too much energy. Feeling like I need to start some laundry, but don't really want to wake Megan up right now, you know, since her room is right next to the laundry room and all. Thinking, maybe I should mop the floor. Maybe I should clean my bathroom. Maybe I should just sit here and write another boring blog post.
See, this is what happens when I get locked up for...what?...four days now. I lose all ability to do anything but veg. I hate admitting that I'm lazy to all of you. Well, today I'm lazy anyways.
It sounds like an infirmary in here.
Jake has the bug now too. He started looking all glassy-eyed yesterday and I took his temp. Yep 101*. But he's acting just fine. Coughing, yes, but acting like the same old Jake. So we're staying home another day. We're missing church and a friend of the family's wedding today. That's kind of miss out on something as wonderful as a wedding. But these kids really need to get better. They both sound horrible. I've always had a really bad sounding cough, so it doesn't really surprise me that the kids do too...but man, they both sound like little baby seals barking away. If the coughing and fevers don't subside by tomorrow, they are both going back into the doctor. I hate going to the doctor and being told, "don't worry, it's just a virus, give them lots of rest and fluids, put a humidifier in their room." and then just knowing 2 days later it's an ear infection or something like that. I know that antibiotics aren't the end all cure all, but it's like, could you please give me something to make them feel better?? Not only for their sake, but for my own? That sounds bad. Selfish. But it's true, as a mother you just hate to see your kids sick or hurt. Anyways...
Halloween is coming up soon. Jake could not be more excited about it. Everyday he's asking me if it's Halloween yet. And he remembers last year and our neighbors decorating with "bone hands" and ghosts. "Membo dat momma?!" Jake is going to be Spiderman this year (of course) and I still don't know what Megan is going to be. I thought it would be really cute if he was Spiderman and she was Wonder Woman. I found a really cute WW costume, but it was just too big for her, and with the weather being chilly like it has been, I think it will just be too cold anyways. So I still don't know what she's going to be. Any thoughts?
Uggghhhh, I hear her. She's up already from her nap.


camport said...

I have no thoughts on little girl costumes. Maybe a princess? Or a mermaid. Or Hello Kitty or Strawberry Shortcake.

Simon was Spiderman for his 3rd Halloween, too. Must be a right of passage for 3 yo boys.

I like the "team 'em up" idea. Is there a Spidergirl?

Maybe we'll go look at costumes tomorrow. It seems like a very October 8th thing to do.


Melissa said...

Every girl in my class will be a princess this year, with exception of the unicorn and the bride.

Tanner will be a pirate.

:) I hate it when I can't decide what to do at home either and I have the same issue with the laundry and tan's room...

Cheryl Wray said...

I hate that there's all that sickness in your house. Yuck!!!

Well, Sydney (my 3-y-o) is determined to be Kim Possible for Halloween (froma Disney cartoon show) and Delaney (the 11-year-o) a character named Lola from "Hannah Montana." I have got to get started on trying to find those costumes soon!!

Kimberly White said...

Oh Corey ... hope everyone at your house is starting to feel better. (Crappy that you had to miss the wedding but I think you did the right thing). Have a great day! Kim
PS. Joel's going to be a giraffe - a very warm costume I found at Toys R US

Ronda P. said...

I so understand this post...I am going stir crazy here....and it has been almost 3 weeks.

Lexi was a princess, a butterfly, a cat, a cow (I love that one), Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz), Mother goose, and a Hersey Kiss. Ahhh the memories.