Monday, August 06, 2012

Rollins Lake Camping

Last weekend we went camping for the first time this summer. Ironically, it's probably the last time camping this summer since summer is nearly over. :( And other than the horrific traffic going up and coming home, the weekend was great. Seriously though, traffic puts a real damper on any weekend get away. I almost never want to leave home again.

Saturday started off fishing.

And then a little hanging around camp with this cutie.

At 3, the campground serves ice cream for free. Obviously, this is a popular event.

Jake was disappointed it wasn't chocolate ice cream. But he ate it anyway. {don't look a gift horse in the mouth, son}

Then we went back down to the lake for more swimming, fishing and kayaking.
This is Abby. She's super cute.

Megan and her bestie, Amanda

These guys went paddling out on the lake. They were gone for hours! I guess they found a place to jump off rocks into the water. I wish I would have gone!

And then the kids got down to decorating our campsite. It was my birthday and they decorated the whole campsite and even made me a cake!

Megan and Ryan were really into this project!

Meanwhile, Jake continued his favorite

And at dinner Pete prepared deer heart for the boys. Yes, deer heart. They ate it. They liked it. Good for them.

Girls hanging out by the lake.

Boys hanging out by the lake.


Megsy actually caught this tiny fish all by herself! She was SO excited and very proud of herself LOL!

And that was about it. We took our time cleaning up camp Sunday and then we fought our way home in traffic again. Fun, fun times!


nicole said...

Looks like a gorgeous place...and that you all had a wonderful time!!

*Also this post really makes me want to put something on my blog again! :)

Jude said...

love it all corey! we are already ready for our next camput here too... sadly, it is SO HOT here in the summer, i didn't even want to go!

CAmport said...

Reading this post again makes me want to go camping. I ALWAYS want to camp when I'm pregnant. Or maybe it's that I only want to camp once every four years? :)