Monday, August 06, 2012

Lemonade party

Every year our Sunday school teacher likes to do something special for all the girls in her class and then again for all the boys. Last year she did a tea party for the girls and this year was pretty much the same. The girls just love it. We decided though that maybe we should do a different theme so we all decided on Strawberry Lemonade.
I had seen a ton of cute lemonade stand photo shoots on Pinterest and thought that would be a super cute idea for the girls. I asked Pete to if he could make us a cute old fashioned looking stand like I had seen. Surprisingly, he said YES and made us the cutest stand out of old barn wood our friends just happened to have laying around their property. I had seen a lemonade stand "kit" at a local shop for more than $400!! You still had to put it together yourself. But with a few hours of work, Pete made ours for free!! YAY!
Anyway, here are some of the pics from the day. I'll admit, these aren't my best. I was not in the best of moods that day, there was hardly any shade, it was mid-day, the girls were all tired and not really into their pictures being taken, but all in all it was fun.
Most of these are of Megan, because well....she's mine and I can. HA.


nicole said...

ADORABLE!!! And if you guys lived closer i would be over begging Pete to make us one too - love what he did with it!

Jude said...

what a sweet idea and great photos!

CAmport said...

I must get better at commenting from my phone...

That last picture of Megan needs to go on a canvas!! Love it. This whole set is just perfect. :D