Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday things

1. My blogging has been pretty sporadic lately. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with things I think I should blog about or maybe want to blog about and then my head gets full. And you know what I do? I don't blog. Or I blog about lame things. Or I make lists ;-)
2. I quit using my dishwasher. Yep. I'm crazy. But the thing is...the dishes were looking better going in than coming out! I can't figure out what's wrong with it. I tried all kinds of soaps, I put Jet Dry in, the water heats, the spinners spin. So what's the deal?? I don't know. So I just said screw it. Even though I hate washing dishes (or so I thought). The best thing? My favorite coffee cup is always clean and ready for me in the morning. And the sinks are always shinny and clean. Win + win!
3. School is going along great. We had a little rough bit of it today, but 99% of the time we're good!. I've been thinking of doing a 'day in the life' homeschool style post soon.
4. One thing I have learned to accept is that schooling 2 kids IS harder than just one. And it IS going to take a little more time than originally planned. It took me a little getting used to, but I'm totally ok with it now.
5. The crock pot has been my saving grace lately. Our busiest days are Monday's and Wednesdays (we have extra curricular classes those days)  so I've been trying to have stuff ready to go so I have one less thing to worry about.
6. Pinterest. Can't say it enough. But I love, love, love this site. I know a lot of people say its a time waster or a place to put things and then never do them. But not for me. I do actually use the site for more than just pretty things. This is my recipe board I really have tried at least 70-80% of the things I've pinned. Here are a couple favorites:

Salsa Chicken (crock pot) kids favorite.

Lemon bars. Oh my gosh these are SO GOOD.
7. I also use Pinterest for school stuff. There are tons and tons of homeschool references, grade level things, freebies from teachers, or just really good ideas you could adapt for your own kids. I'm planning on doing  these two things before the end of the month:

Pumpkin Math Day

Science investigation
8. These images are ginormous! I'm sorry. I have no idea how to fix them. :-/
9. What are your kids going to be for Halloween? I'm usually so excited for it...but I'm just not prepared at all this year! I can't believe it's coming so soon. We are excited, however, to go on our annual Halloween camping trip! (I hope it doesn't rain this time!)
10. Certain things always remind me of either a song or a movie. Or a song will remind me of a movie. Or something like that. Example: Pete was just going to make a phone call. Jake says: Who ya gonna call? And I immediately think: GHOST BUSTERS! My children think I'm crazy because they have no idea what I'm talking about. Note to self: rent Ghost Busters.


CAmport said...

You have NO IDEA how badly I NEED us to be neighbors. Seriously.

1. I get it! I really, really do. I finally decided I don't care about any one elses opinion. I want blogland to be what it used to be, back before I read "famous" blogs and I write like I'm talking to my core group again: you, Beth, Jude, Nicole, Melanie, Kim, Melissa. SO...don't worry about creative or lame or whatever, just talk to us!!

2. I SO GET THIS POINT, TOO!!! I gave it up a few months before we moved out of our house. Now, I have no other option. I find it soothing and it makes me think of my grandma. She never had a dishwasher. Just makes me think I have a simple life. :D

3. Ditto.
4. Ditto again! I swear you're reading my mind.
5. It hasn't been cool enough for me to even WANT to haul mine out. I keep seeing recipes, though...
6. I am still resisting. But I will be stalking your pinterest site. Is that even an option?
7. Ah crap. STILL resisting. I think. Though, with homeschooling stuff, it seems a tad more useful.
9. I am trying to get all religious about halloween so I can justify not spending money on costumes. :) If I cave, which I totally will if I can find a cheap costume: Jack Black for Simon, A fish for T and no clue for Feefs.
10. We JUST watched Ghostbusters. Not even joking. I did have to turn it when I realized how many cuss words they used. We ended up watching Short Circuit(go 80s!), but they cussed just as much in that movie AND I wanted to kill myself due to lameness. It was a lose lose situation for 80s night. :D

Jude said...

i love the lists you know! See, dishwashing is not THAT bad! Um, dud you make those lemon bars, and why, why can't be neighbors so you can share?!?! oh the pin... so good. so bad. so good... ;)
all lincoln wants to be is something "scary". ugh.

Brown English Muffin said...

Yeah like Chrissy said...it's like we're getting back to the heart of blogging....just releasing what's on our minds with not a care in the world who'se reading or not reading...it's MY blog.

I LOVE pinterest...I literally used to keep a notepad with clippings, and drawings, and links and notes, of things I wanted to do, or wished I could do, or things I've tried and wanted to try again...and then along came pinterest and it totally replaced my lame note book! Plus now I get to share...where as I couldn't really share my lame notebook!

If they take donations I might actually send them money if it would guarantee a stable server!