Sunday, October 09, 2011

Just because...

Earlier this week:

The rain came down in sheets. I thought for a moment the Good Lord had forgotten about fall. It poured and poured and poured. And thunder and lighting too. So weird.
But the beautiful fall weather has returned. It really is what keeps me sane, since summer isn't too much like summer here...with the fog and all. Anyway, I got a few good ones of the girl in the warm, soft afternoon light as the boys were busy blowing all the evidence of the storm away down the hill. {this place is a mess after it rains!}

Going to go enjoy the rest of Sunday. ♥
side note: i guess blogger has gone and changed the picture format again?? i don't know, but these seem to look a lot better when you click on them to get the larger image. 


nicole said...

lovely photos! Hoping to get out an afternoon this week to take some of my kiddos too..we will see how that goes - I'm already planning on bringing some dollar bills for bribes :)

i think the photos on the new blogger are much better too!

CAmport said...

I love her little pig tails!!! Beautiful pictures!


Jude said...

when blogger kept pixelating my photos, a friend suggested this and it worked. My blog page was only say, 1000 pixels wide. Meaning, when I tried to upload a photo that was 3000 wide, it compressed it to fit. So, now I shrink all my pics down to 800x600 or something like that. Like I said, I didn't figure this out, someone else did! Still seems silly that you can upload them fine one day, and the next... not!

Brown English Muffin said...

I can't get enough of those pig tails.