Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 on Tuesday.

1. I made marinated tomato salad to go with dinner tonight. The tomatoes are fresh from our garden. They're tiny and smell like sunshine.
2. I'm the only one in the family who actually likes tomatoes. Funny...we have at least 564 tomato plants in our garden. Huh.
3. We got three new chickens in our coop. They lay green eggs! Would you eat a green egg?
4. I got some shocking news yesterday. Ok I guess it wasn't that shocking. It wasn't necessarily bad news either. Just annoying. Anyway, now I've got to change some things up, homeschooling wise. hmmm.
5. Homeschooling through a charter sometimes feels like being employed by a giant national or statewide corporation. Only.....I don't even get paid.
6. Ditching the charter school all together has seriously crossed my mind.
7. Thursday I have my very first paid photo shoot. I'm totally nervous. And kinda freaking out about it. I really hope it's not foggy.
8. I kinda miss the whole "first day of school" thing. The excitement, the newness, the tears. (from me dropping my baby off at Kindergarten) I guess I only get that experience once.
9. My little Meggsy Beggsy turns 5 on Sunday. Where did this baby go?

10. Who is this big girl?


Jude said...

wow!! meg is growing up!!!!!!!!! what happened with the school???

Brown English Muffin said...

wondering what's going on with school??

I hate tomatoes to bite into like an apple but I use them in nearly every dish and I love the way they smell too...that's what annoys me most that I don't like they way they taste because they smell so sweet!!!

I can believe your little Meg is growing up as my little Courtney Megan is growing up right before my eyes as well and I simply can't believe it. We finally got our kindergarten supply list yesterday...

Green Eggs and Ham...go buy some ham!! LOL