Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday. Sort of akward iPhone post

Summer is finally here! It still isn't hot but it has been pleasantly warm. Which I like. We've been lounging in the baby blow up pool most of the day.

This girl would be out here in the pool 'swimming' from sun up to sun down. A girl after my own heart.

This boy would catch bugs all day if I let him. I've never seen anyone so affectionate about bugs. Ever.

We took a break for frozen yogurt.

Oh my goodness was it delicious! It was such a treat. Thank goodness this place is way across town or I would be there every day.
So that's it for now. Just enjoying the summer and the last few days we have in our little red house.

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Jude said...

yeah for a swimming girl! :)
and hello, i ♥ frozen yogurt so much i told micah i could put my face under the machine at Jason's deli and just eat into a glutton like coma.

Kimberly White said...

hooray for summer!

camport said...

Oh my goodness, the bugs! Felix is like that. He was attempting to play with a scorpion last night. Craziness. He's not scared of any creep crawlies!

And...now I want some frozen yogurt.