Monday, October 12, 2009

Are you ready for Halloween?

Happy Monday. It's feeling a lot like fall around here. In fact we're expecting rain tonight lasting through the end of the week. I almost feel like I need to turn the heater on. But I won't. There's just a little chill in the air. I'm a summer time girl, but the older I get, the more appreciation for the fall season I get.
So the fly, that was gross. I think it's under control now. It was so bad that for a moment I wondered if there wasn't something dead and rotting in my garage. I know, that's disgusting, but there were just that many. It must have been their last hurrah before the cold set it because they seem to be gone now.
Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner?? This year I'm feeling much less prepared for fall than ever. We have no costumes yet for the kids, we haven't been to the pumpkin patch yet, and I went looking through Megan's drawers for a long sleeve shirt and found nothing but a bunch of tank tops. Not good.
Speaking of Halloween, what are your kids going to dress up as? Originally Megan wanted to be Tinkerbell and Jake wanted to be Bumble Bee from Transformers. But after looking at some of the costumes, their prices and then just how cheaply they are made....I just can't do it this year. I'm not going to spend 80 bucks on two costumes that aren't even that cute. We're going on our Halloween camping trip on the 24th. So I think it would be fun for all of us to dress up since my mom and mike will be. I went looking online yesterday for fast and easy costumes we could do ourselves. I think we've settled on the Scooby Doo gang. Pete will be Fred, I will be Daphne, Megan will be Velma and Jake will be Shaggy. And we just happened to have a big brown dog that will serve as Scooby. The outfits should be pretty easy to put together. I'll just need to track down a blond wig for Pete and an orange turtleneck for Megan. Oh and I guess a purple dress for me. We went to the thrift store yesterday...I couldn't believe they didn't have a costume section. Unless they're all already gone?? Megan is very upset that she doesn't get to be Daphne. Being the girly girl she is, she's no fool in knowing that Daphne is the pretty one and Velma is the smart one. But she would make such a cute Velma!! So Velma it is. :) I think it will be fun. Pete said, "why can't I just be Pete?" BECAUSE THERE IS NO PETE IN SCOOBY DOO, YOU DORK! I really can't wait to see him in blond wig and an orange neckerchief. ha ha!!! I've got 11 days to get this stuff together. At least Jake's costume is easy. He already has shaggy hair so all he needs is a green shirt and brown pants.
Anyway this is getting boring and I really have nothing else to write about now. So that's it for now!


Allison said...

Glad the flies are under control! Scooby Doo gang - I love it. :) I always dress up for work and I started thinking back in June or July, "I should plan something really awesome this year." But it's now mid-October and I still have no clue. So much for trying to do things ahead of time.

nicole said...

Love the scooby doo idea :)
I actually do have my kids costumes all set - although I do think I need to go pick up some long sleeve t's and long underwear for extra layers!
l is going to be snow white (she working her way through the disney princesses)
j is going to be a fighter pilot
and w is buzz lightyear
each very much what they are into right now :)

camport said...

OMG ! Haven't even finished your post yet, but I had to comment already! I totally had the idea to go as the Scooby Doo gang. I'm not even joking. Nobody else will go for it, but I thought it would be so fun. Anyways, off to finish the rest of your post.

camport said...

I have no idea what my boys are going to be. Simon keeps saying Ninja, but he says that every year and the one time I did let him be a Ninja, I ended up carrying all of his Ninja weapons. Nope. Felix hasn't really said. I was going to dress up Titus as Mr. T, complete with an afro of some sort, but I don't know if I want to use that this year. I may wait til he has enough hair of his own to do the mohawk. Maybe I'll go with Yoda again.

It would help if we knew if it was going to be 90 degrees or 50.


beth said...

please post photos when you have some.
they will be great.

Anonymous said...

Corey, never fear. . . Mom is here and I have a long blond wig that Pete can use. I think Mike and I are going to be the blown up scientists from the U Nuk'em Labs. That's a fun costume that we already have.

Kimberly White said...

A lion and a giraffe ... (found the lion costume at Old Navy) for Joel and we already had a giraffe costume from Joel last year (for Josh to wear.) The giraffe costume is very fitting because that is Josh's nickname "Joshua Giraffe" like the song by Raffi (I think).
Have a great day!