Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random bits

Have you noticed how often I post pictures of food? I think I have a problem. I really like food. My cousin Jami has complemented me several times on my food photography, and I think it's gone to my head. This picture is not the best example though.
These are some veggie kabobs that I made the other night on the Q. I'm really gettin good at the BBQ. I hardly ever burn anything anymore.
We're still trying to get some brochures made up for the ranch. Its just such PITA. That would be the new acronym for Pain In The A$$. First-I'm not a graphic artist. I can only work with what little knowledge and experience/technology I have. Which is like next to zero. I've come up with a good first prototype. It's O.K. but not the best. But the thing's ridiculously expensive to get these suckers printed. We don't want to have a bizzilion of these first ones printed because we know that its going to take a while before we have good content to put in them. (better pictures, mostly) Does that even make sense? But basically we just want to have something for the guys to look at when they ask. Pete goes to two archery club "meets" every week and the guys are chomping at the bit for more info. So we needed to have something, ya know? Anyway so it's like 500 bucks at the local print shop for 1000 brochures. I don't need a thousand. I need maybe 1-200 right now. I don't see spending the mula for something that is ultimately not the finished product. So I took my design down to good ol Kinkos. That place is a crock-let me tell ya! I do not even want to tell you how much 50 colored copies on glossy paper was. And I won't tell you how effin cheap and ridiculous they look. AND I won't tell you how um...not happy my husband was at my investment decision. But I think you get the point, right?
So that's that.
I think Megan is just going to up and potty train herself. She's been bringing me her own diapers for months now...letting me know she's ready to be changed. Now, she's started whining a bit and pointing at herself "down there" and proceeds to pull down her diaper. Like "I want this thing off!". I ask her if she wants to go pee-pee on the potty. "shhhya!" she says. So I put her on the pot and nothing happens. I feel like it's just a matter of time though. I'm not ready. She's not even 2 for Pete's sake!
She's such a funny little girl though. She makes me laugh every day. Her favorite word is still NO and she'll answer NO to everything except when I ask: "do you want more milk?" and the aforementioned pee-pee question. Those two questions she always answers "shhhya!" She talks a lot but kind of has her own little "Megan language" that really, only I understand. She's never really been attached to anything except for her sippy cup, but lately she's all about her blanket and teddy bear. It's so flippin cute! It's not any one particular blanket or bear...just whatever one she sees in the moment. She tucks the blanket under one arm and the bear under the other. Did I mention how cute it is?
Jake is still working on his pool/swimming skills. After an entire afternoon at the pool whining and crying and asking to go home on Friday....Saturday came and he was a completely different kid. He jumped in without one bit of hesitation on Saturday. And don't let the kid fool you. The boy knows how to swim. At least a little. I watched him hold his breath, go all the way under the water and swim from one side of the baby pool to the other. He also got in the big pool without hesitation too. He did lose his footing a bit and got nervous. So he got right back out. But I was proud of him for trying just the same.
We are really enjoying the baby turkeys. They are just so funny. We've had them a week now, and I'm positive they have doubled in size. Today I noticed them starting to actually catch some air when they run across the cage and flap their wings. They're also starting to strut. It's the funniest thing! They puff out their chest, flair out their little tail feathers and drag their wings, just like full grown Toms do in the wild. It's crazy how fast instinct kicks in.
Well, that's about all that's going on here for now. The little munchkins have gathered around and are about to start nipping at my heels, so I better go cook some dinner!
Can you believe it's Wednesday already?


Melissa said...

I am so happy that it's Wednesday. Only two more days and I am out. It feels so good!

I get you on the whole business thing. Andy is getting me ready to do some stuff for him and I have limited somputer skills too. I hope I can better them as time goes on. I know that you will learn something more too....

And yea for the swimming!!!
And the blanket? That is just too cute. Tanner started to get attatched to his about the age of two also...

Happy middle of the week!

Cheryl Wray said...

The kabobs look really YUMMY!!!!! (And I think your photo is great!)

Sounds like lots of action going on at your house!

have a great day!

Brown English Muffin said...

this was just the cutest read!

camport said...

Felix and Megan must be kindred spirits. He's suddenly attatched to this bean bag cat that he has.

Yeah brocuhures? Did you look online for printing? Surely there is somewhere that'll do it cheaper! Good luck with that whole hoopla.


Kimberly White said...

Your kabobs look DElicious! And thanks for the link to the digi scrappiness! There's so much awesome digi stuff it's easy to buy buy buy like with paper goodies (only it's easier because they are so accessable and I candownload and use them immediately! So much fun!). So impressed about Megan and potty training her self ... Joel is close but still not there yet! And I'm so glad Jake is liking the water! So good! This SAHM stuff looks good on you Corey! Kim

Jami said...

What, you didn't do a picture of sweet food? Not to knock the kabobs! They do look great! One more suggestion on the brochures. You seem to have loads and loads of creative friends.....ever consider putting your prototype on the blog and getting some feedback from those creative folks that share your interests. I mean, I know nothing about scrap booking, but I would think, being able to say a whole lot in a little space with few words and great photos and art, well, that sounds like a brochure or a scrap book page....but, what do I know. I am NOT one of those creative people.