Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hi, it's me again...

The blog slacker.
I feel like I've been running around like crazy lately.....And not accomplishing much in all that running around. I often wonder how in the world I got things done when I was working. Pete and I were talking about it the other day. I basically had a day and a half (Saturday and Sunday after church) to get my "chores" done...The Grocery store, Target, Costco and the laundry. And we both agreed that not much cleaning was happening. Picking up, wiping down yes..but the cleaning...yeah that wasn't happening. Anyway, now that I'm home...I'm finding myself at Target at least twice a week. Costco at least once a week and there seems to be a never ending supply of something that needs cleaning. Not only that, we now have "play dates" and I'm doing a lot of business stuff for Pete too. I've been trying to get some brochures made and finally, finally if you can believe it...actually scheduling hunts. People are coming, and they're going to pay money! Hallelujah!!
I've also discovered now that I'm a full time mom, our house is now actually being lived in...and it's beginning to show. In the 4 months I've been home we have successfully: put a hole in the wall, broke the toilet paper holder in the downstairs bathroom, put a streak of dirt hand prints all the way up and down the stairs, broke the patio table into a million pieces, broke a piece of tile off the kitchen counter and broke the shower door. But you know what? It sure beats the heck out of a pile of files and three walls of a gray cubicle. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I really do love my new job. :D
Oh! good news...In my last post I had talked about a good friend that might be really sick...remember? Well, he's a really good friend of Pete's and he's helped A LOT at the ranch. In fact, Pete is going to make him a partner. Anyway he had been complaining of a stomach ache and had gone to the doctor. They did an ultrasound and found a "dark spot" in his esophagus. Not good. He was pretty freaked out by it and so were we. Sunday, Pete put a prayer request up for him at church and of course the congregation prayed for him. Yesterday, (Monday) he had a doctor appointment where I think they did a CAT scan. There was nothing there. NOTHING. Whatever they thought they saw was gone. How cool is that? Power of prayer, people. :)
hmm..so what else? Well, today I think I'm going to fold some laundry. It's been seriously neglected. I think I'll put a photo order in at Costco (can't miss my weekly Costco trip!) and if the weather permits, we just might sneak off to the pool for a while.
Happy Tuesday!


Jenn said...

Well that is good . Have a nice day .

nicole said...

that is great news about the ranch corey!!! so happy that things are coming together for you.
also glad to hear about your friend...got goose bumps when I read that.
And totally know what you mean about errands and your house being lived in - I feel like I am at Target every day - and I think being at home when you dream something up you just go - when if you were at work it wouldn't be an option. And my house...I have to remind myself one day we'll have nice stuff again :)

Melissa said...

That is so AWESOME about the ranch. I am so excited about it!!!

I am looking forward to my new job come the winter. It's a job I love and that is filled with so many more rewarding things. SO much more than a little paycheck could ever give...

:)Happy CLeaning (which, I do love to do when I'm not working all week)

Jude said...

Dude, I think my house would be waaaaaay cleaner if we weren't in it all day! LOL. :)