Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Saturday

Saturday we were invited over to our friends house with some other friends to have an Easter egg hunt and dinner. They have the perfect place for it. It's country kind of like our place is....only it's not on the side of a hill! It's much more flat out there which made for perfect egg hunting. :)
Here's Carolina giving instructions to the big kids about how the hunt is going to go. Please do not ask about Jake's pants and or boots. I have no answer. 

 And they're off! Each kid was supposed to have 7 eggs to find that had their names on them and then 8 extra. This proved to be very confusing for most! ;-)

 I spy with my little eye a blue egg. :)

 Counting eggs and comparing loot.

 After the egg hunt was done, we adults had a little fun of our own. Carolina set the guys up with the 'ol egg and spoon race. From right to left is Oscar, Pete, Mike and Joe.

  Traditionally this race is conducted with a real, raw egg. But we used all the real eggs to make deviled eggs. Opps. So instead the guys used plastic eggs filled with rocks. This made the whole game entirely different. The rock in the egg made it incredibly balanced on that spoon allowing the guys to run full out without it dropping. You'll notice Pete takes a quick lead off the starting line...

 But Joe sneaks up on the outside, almost edging him out. 

 But Pete is very, very competitive. There was no way he was going to let Joe win! He ran full out and just barely made it over the finish line first. We all got quite a laugh out of that one. 

 We also did a couples 3-legged race. But since I was participating in that, I didn't get a picture. It sure was funny though. Oscar and Kathleen were total pros. It's like the practice in their sleep or something. They beat the HECK out of the rest of us. At one point Pete and I just stopped and watched in awe at their masterfulness! (that is a word)
This pic is just cute. These girls are besties. Inseparable. 

 We ended the evening with a little campfire. It made me ache for summer. It just can not get here fast enough.

Anyway we had a great time hanging with friends this weekend. And I'm still totally shocked these guys played the games without much egging on or complaining. I'm thinking we need to do this more often! 


CAmport said...

What a pretty place! Love that the guys participated and LOVE the pictures. :D

Jude said...

sounds perfect!!!

nicole said...

a bit behind here on my blog comments...
but glad you guys had a good looks like a super fun time.
ps. megan is gorgeous - i LOVE The side pony
pss. i'm so glad i'm not the only mom that just needs everyone to ignore what her boys choose to wear :)