Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 on Wednesday.

1. I'm a day late. So sue me. :) We're kinda in full summer mode over here right now. I know I totally complained about there being NO summer in my last post and then all of a sudden summer showed up. So, I'm taking full advantage of it while I can!! The fog is already rolling in....
2. I'm going to see a Gastroenterologist tomorrow. I've been having tummy troubles for quite a while now (i haven't blogged about it because I hate being that girl who always has something wrong or some problem) but it finally got so bad last week, I couldn't handle it anymore and decided I really needed to get checked out. I had an ultrasound and apparently I have gallstones. I have no idea what this doctor will say tomorrow. I'm guessing surgery?? I kinda hope so, so that I don't have any more problems. But I kinda hope not, cuz I'm scared.
3. Because of my stupid stomach problem we almost didn't go to our church camp retreat last weekend. We haven't gone in the past two years because of different reasons so we were all really looking forward to it this year. Finally late Thursday morning, after much debate as to whether I should stay home or not, I got up off the couch and said: Let's GO! And we went. And it was pretty awesome.

4. Jake went right to fishing. I think he caught about 4 or 5 over the weekend. Pete is the 'teacher' for all the young boys. He brought 4 extra fishing poles so the other boys could use them. He's so patient and really enjoys showing this next generation of men all about living the outdoors man life. It's truly a gift he has. He helped our little neighbor Will (who turned 6 that day) catch this big monster! That kid was so excited!

5. Saturday they got to do the zip-line. That was so cool. Megan even did it all by herself! I don't know where I was, but I missed it and didn't get a picture.

6. We came home to a "heat wave" here in the bay area. Yesterday it was a smokin' hot 88* so we headed out to a local spot for swimming. I'd never been here before, but it was really fun. The kids loved it. There's tons of lifeguards, it's plenty shallow enough and there's lots of shade too. We'll definitely be going back there.

(it was super murky water though, because it was so crowded. I guess normally it's almost blue)
7. We're starting to enjoy lots of things from our garden. Last week we had our first zucchini and now this week, lots more! Sugar snap peas, carrots, green onions, & more zucchini. We just got our first little yellow buds on the tomato plants so in a couple weeks we'll have yummy home grown sunshine to add to our salads. MMMM!
8. Speaking of farming....we got our first egg from our chickens this week! It's so tiny! We also butchered 2 of our roosters. Somehow we ended up with 4 roosters, which is just way too many. So (cover your eyes if this sort of thing bothers you) Pete and Jake did the old school thing---and chopped their heads off. Really. I BBQ'd them up the next day and.... It tastes like chicken! Free range, organic chicken. ;-)

9. We also lost 2 chickens this week. Pete had the brilliant idea to let them stay out of the coop all day. We went to round them up and several were missing. We finally found all but 2.....we did however, find evidence of a fox. :(
10. We're planning our 4th of July BBQ next week. Does anyone have a suggestion for a dessert? I'm not necessarily going for the red, white and blue theme, but that wouldn't be bad either.

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Jude said...

ack, Pete actually butchered the chicken! I am impressed. All my plans to have our own chickens went out the window when I watched a video on how to kill them. I didn't bother with the how to clean them part. can't clean what you can't kill ;)
keep us posted about the gallstones!