Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Girl

Saturday was Megan's fourth birthday. How in the world did my sweet baby girl turn into....well, a girl??! I know she hasn't been a baby for a while, but dang...four just seems so big all of a sudden. When she got up in the morning I told her happy birthday and said that I thought she definitely looked a little different today and maybe even a tiny bit bigger. She smiled. A few minutes later I found her inspecting herself in the closet mirror in my room. She had to see for herself. :)
We headed back up to Pete's mom and dads for the day.

They needed some help building a shed for their well and so we went to help, and have a little party for Megs too.
Jake and cousin Hannah played all day together. They had so much fun! They spent all morning pounding nails into old wood and then all afternoon catching grasshoppers and butterflies.

Megan spent most of her day with Faith. It was great. Faith is just about old enough to babysit (almost 12) and really seemed to be good with just watching her all day.

In the late afternoon we got down to the birthday party. I made (or tried to anyway) red velvet cupcakes. Only they turned out to be pink velvet because I ran out of red food coloring! Oh well, they were pretty good anyway.
Megan just loved when we all sang Happy Birthday to her.

I didn't bring any candles and Grandma didn't have any bday candles so we used what we could find. One giant candle did the trick. :)

Opening presents:

Then we decided to take an afternoon stroll with the dogs through Grandma's neighborhood. It's just beautiful up there!

And that's about it. It was a really nice weekend. I do wish we could have stayed longer (again) but it was nice to just get away for the day.
My favorite picture from the day...I just love it! We were missing 2 cousins though...I wish it could have been all 6 kids.

So looking forward to the weekend in Santa Cruz!!!


camport said...

Four is a big number in kid speak! You're so out of the baby stage now. :) Love all the pics and can't wait to see your vacation ones when you get back from Santa Cruz. Have fun!

Jude said...

oh my, Megs looks so grown up all of the sudden. Saying four instead of three definitely does it! I LOVE that last picture, esp the way jake has his head... adorable!

nicole said...

four definitely seems like a huge step...for william too it was like my 'baby' was official gone for good :)

she is such a doll - love that photo of her with the cupcakes - such joy!