Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ok, so I got my camera out today :) I finally took Jake to get his hair cut. I always, always wait until it looks so bad, that we come out of there with a brand new kid. He hardly looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo anymore! He's already getting so tan. That kid browns up like a cocoa bean every summer. Megan is getting there too. Jake has taken to taking his shirt off pretty much ALL THE TIME unless we're in a store. He says it's because he's a man and that's what mans do. You got a long way to go, bro.

I still can not believe that school is out in 6 days. It's crazy. How can that be? I never really thought that Kindergarten was a big deal. But it is SO a big deal. And he has done incredibly well, I am just beaming with pride for him. To think he barley knew the alphabet when he started and now he's reading and sounding out words and writing. The boy can write really well. He has great handwriting for a boy. He can add and subtract and tell time and not just by the hour either.

He's such a cool kid. I was having sort of a mommy moment last night watching him play with Pete before bed time. He was telling some story he made up about robots and lasers and I just sat there did this happen? He's my baby, but he's totally this big kid. This smart, imaginative, creative kid.

And then there's Megan. Oh Megan. When she wants to be, she is THE sweetest little thing. I adore her. He gives the best hugs. She holds on tight and she means it. And when she kisses me, she holds my cheeks in her hands. Man, I love that. At night when I'm tucking her in, she looks at me lovingly and brushes my hair out of my face...just like I do to her. She is also extremely sassy. She's 2 going on 12. She wants to change her clothes every 5 minutes. And she pretty much argues with me about every single thing I want her to wear. A 2 year old is not supposed to be this opinionated! She takes after Pete's sisters for sure! The one thing I sort of worry about with her is that she is SO outgoing. Which I mean, is good. But it could be kind of scary. The girl has never met a stranger. She talks to everyone we encounter. She waves at everyone in the store, she says "hi" to everyone, she tells everyone her name. I worry that if there really were someone that tried to lure her, she'd go in a heartbeat. The other thing is, she LOVES men. She likes all of Pete's friends and wants them to hold her etc... Like I said, she's never met a stranger. When we were at the pool the other day there was this big dude hanging out with his kids by us. He was a dad and totally nice...don't get me wrong, but she just started talking to him and playing with him and we we didn't even know him. I don't want her to not be outgoing, but I'm not sure how to make her more aware of well...not being so friendly with everyone she meets. I think it makes me more nervous because she's a girl.

We're getting ready to go camping again this weekend! I love camping. I'm so excited! We definitely won't go hungry, that's for sure. What is it about camping where you always take enough food to feed an army for a month?! I actually think that's the best part :) We're going with our friends that have 4 kids so I'm sure we'll look like we're running a small daycare at our campsite! It'll be fun though, the kids are going to have a great time.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Pete is on his way home from work and I need to get the kitchen cleaned up. Fun stuff.


Kelly DaCosta said...

Your kids are soooo cute! Jake sounds like my Hayden. They are growing in the same way. I can hardly believe that Kindergarten is almost over. We will have 1st graders soon:)

Kimberly White said...

A great picture Corey! They are growing so fast! You are a wonderful Mama ... and I'm sure you have the wisdom you need to keep Meghan safe. HAve fun camping this weekend! Kim

Jude said...

yeah, i gave up on the long hair for Lincoln too... i even gave him a razor cut, but man, his hair is thick and does not get that cool "piecey" look i like! :(
Jake and Meg look ADORABLE in the pic too! Kindergarten graduation about did me in... hang in there!