Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've not been a good blogger lately. Not just writing my own blog, but commenting on others. Just lazy I guess. I DO read, I just haven't clicked over to comment. I'm sorry!
We've been pretty busy around here the past week or so. First it was the Easter picnic up at the ranch...which I don't have any pictures of. *sigh* Because I forgot my camera battery on the charger at home. *grrrr* It's sad, but I literally felt naked without my camera. And my family noticed it too...they've all gotten used to me being the family photographer! I found myself stealing my sister in law's camera just to be able to take some pictures. But despite all that, it was a good time. More people than we expected, good food, dirty kids...all that fun stuff!
The next day the boys went back up to the ranch and Megan and I went on a hike with Rachael (my SIL), her daughter Caitlin and their horse, Galaxy. You KNOW Megan was in heaven. She rode Galaxy almost the entire time except for the 5 minutes she let Cait ride. :)

The rest of the week was busy just with normal stuff. Jake was on Spring Break from school so we had one day as a play date with some friends from church. On Friday we went to see Monsters VS. Aliens in 3D. It was kind of a cute movie, but the 3D-ness was not so cool for me. By the end of the movie I had a major headache. Kind of like motion sickness. No more 3D movies for me. I could not wait to get out of there.
Saturday we went to yet ANOTHER Easter picnic at another ranch.

Kim, Rach, Johnny, Pete's mom
This one was much bigger than our picnic. There were easily over 300 people.

egg toss
We had a great time though. There was a big pond that Jake pretty much staked his claim on the entire day.
Jake and Grandpa (Pete's dad)
He was in heaven with fishing, collecting rocks, tadpoles, guppies, crawdads...all that fun little boy stuff. It was pretty warm that day so in the afternoon all the little redneck kids got neked and waded in the pond like good little country kids do. :)

And the liquid courage was flowing nicely with the there was a bunch jumping in the pond and many others getting picked up and thrown in! Thank goodness it wasn't me!

The last few days have been hot. And I don't mean like kinda warm. No. HOT. As in yesterday it was 100*. In April. Yeah. Now I'm all for warm weather, but 100* in April is pushing it just a little. This weekend is supposed to be back in the 70's though.
On my agenda this week:
try to get organized for Pete's business
fold a mountain of laundry
work on Pete's brochure (wah! this is harder that it seems)
find a way to keep realtor's from freely opening my door and walking in my house unannounced.
Sleep at least one night without being woke by: 1) a kid 2) a dog 3) a smoke alarm, or 4) by some weird dream. I have lots of weird dreams.
I guess that's it for now!


nicole said...

looks like fun at the ranch! and 300 people?? that makes for a fun picnic :)

also jacqueline has been telling me how hot it is there lately....well actually complaining since she is 9 months pregnant :)

Melissa said...

HOLY cow that's a lot of people :)

Love the pictures! Wish I could help you out on the realtors...