Saturday, September 06, 2008


I freaking HATE computers. Ahrghuaslkghoasud!! #%$^^&^@!*)&*^^)!!!
I fell a little bit better.
Not really.
I totally thought my computer completely crashed.
In fact I have no idea why it is working right now.
Here I was just browsing the good ol internet and everything froze up. It happens, nothing too unusual. I try the whole control/alt/delete tactic. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. You know...never ending hour glass. So I figure, well I better just shut down and restart. All of a sudden, all my windows close, but no shutting down occurs. (I realize I'm VERY impatient but it shouldn't take more than a minute, right?) Nothing happening. So of course I go to the next route...hold in power button. System shuts off. Wait about 30-40 seconds, press power button again.
Now usually the little Dell symbol shows up and prompts me to push F1 to continue on to Windows. This time it gives me some error message I've never seen before. Something like cannot find drive or something like that. I don't even remember now.
(Sorry, but I cuss in my head constantly. Just keepin it real.)
*heavy sigh*......Push in power button again. System shuts off. Wait 30-40 seconds, push power button again.
Same error message.
*heavy sigh* (yell at kids to be quiet)
Turn system off again.
Turn back on--this time I push F12 immediately to get to the set up menu. It doesn't go there automatically, first it goes back to that nasty error message and then like 2 minutes later the set up screen appears. SO WEIRD. Not sure what this is going to do, but what the heck? Right? So I scroll down, I don't see anything unusual, but what the heck do I know? Finally, I give up because again, what the heck do I know about computers anyway? and then boom...the Windows boot screen shows up.
Ta-da! It's working!
Black screen.
Black screen lasts for like 2 minutes!
What the H?!
Just when I'm about ready to give up, there's the blue log-on screen with a pink flower for Corey and a dirt bike for Pete.
Seriously, I was about to freak. Ok, obviously I was freaking out. I don't have the money to go fixin' no computer. Or buying one either.
I'm still not convinced it's working properly though.
It took a LONG time to go through the whole boot up process. That can't be good. Thankfully, all my pictures are still here. I'm about to go burn a disk of all the ones I haven't burned yet. Just in case.
If you don't see me around the net...You know what happened.


Melissa said...

i know nothing about computers either. thank goodness i married a computer networking consultant and he lives and breathes the stuff.

although, sometimes, it takes longer for him to help me rather than his clients....

hope things work out ok. if not, call dell....?

Brown English Muffin said...

the entire time I was reading this post I prayed all your pics were backed up!!! LOL

Hey what browser are you using? I use firefox mostly because it's good for web development but even before then I used it because IE was always buggy. I know it sounds like it's your computer as a whole that's giving problems but it was interesting that you were surfing the net when it happened so I just wondered. Plus how many other things did you have running while you were surfing the net?

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE computers...but I HATE computers. Know what I mean?

Kimberly White said...