Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm sure this will be my last post before heading out Friday night. Just wanted it rub it in a teensy bit. tee hee!! We are so excited! Jake is really excited to go on a plane. He thinks it's going to come land at our house and let us get on and take us to "da beach". Crazy hectic around here figuring out what to do with 2 dogs, one cat, 5 gupies, and one lizzard named Fatty. I need a vacation to get ready for vacation. And then I'll need another vacation to recover from vacation. I think this is why they give Europeans the whole summer off. Pete told me I look pretty today. *glowing* He told me he can really see how much weight I've lost, especially in my face. Awww, he's so sweet. Then 20 minutes later "uh so, like when we get back from Hawaii, are you gonna like completely fore go what you've been working on? uhh you know, like with your weight?" Men. :p No, by the way, I don't plan to fore go it....but I do plan to eat what ever I want while on vacation. And you just can't help that the holidays are around the corner. Or, "Eat-Fest 2007". I don't plan on endulging quite as much in the eat fest as I did last year. We'll see.
Well, I had a bunch more to talk about, but alas, someone is crying and I've already been asked once to go help fold clothes. uhhhh. Well might not be here for a while. Have a great week...or 2.


Kimberly White said...

I am soo excited for you! Hope you have a great time! Love ya! Kim
PS. This pregnancy has been much easier than when I was p. with Joel ... probally because I'm not working! But man, I could sleep 24 hours a day!

Jude said...

Well, Pete should be glad he is not being accopanied by a huge gal such as myself huh??? LOL... :) I am so happy for you and your weight loss, I will be there trying to get back into shape soon myself:( Have a great time in Hawaii, and drink a little umbrella drink for me!

nicole said...

So envious that you get to go to another lifetime I was there - but can hardly remember that anymore :)
Anyway have a wonderful time...looking forward to many beautiful pics!!

Melissa said...

have so much fun.
I've never been anywhere tropical like that. Relax and enjoy yourself!!!


dana said...

Can you fit me in your suitcase??? I'm small (sort of--hehe) :) Have a fabulous time!!

camport said...

I hope you enjoy your break, you NEED and DESERVE it.

have fun and take tons and tons and tons of pictures.


Carla said...

wow. that is so cool . have a great time!!!

Ronda P. said...

I hope you are having a blast. I am with Nicole...serious envy! Can't wait to see all the pics.